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04-15-2009, 07:59 PM
<H1>Wrap and LoseInches –Lose inches in as little as 45 minutes </H1>

(Available in Canada and the US)
It Works! The Ultimate Body Applicator - Tummy Wraps

Once in a while a product comes along that defies logic. "How can anyone lose inches in 45 minutes" is a common question and "what do you mean I can do it without exercising?" Right! It is true that you will lose inches in 45 minutes and and keep them off for 2-6 months. The average person is losing
between 1-3 inches in 45 minutes, and some are losing even more than that. Would that jump-start your weight loss program? It would make you feel better, wouldn't it? I personally lost 5 inches off my abds with my first wrap and another 6.5 inches total of my abds ,buttocks and arms with continues use in less than 2 weeks. A client of mine has 16.5 inches off her abds in 2 wraps.
What if there was a product that reduced the amount of excess fat and toxins stored in cells so that you lost inches in 45 minutes? Would you be interested in losing inches while your body became healthier? Would you be more interested if it was natural?
It Works! top-selling product—the Ultimate Body Applicator, is a body wrap that tightens and tones the skin, reduces wrinkles, fades stretch marks and shrinks spongy, cellulite prone parts of the body.

The Body Wraps are infused with all-natural ingredients to help with inch loss, skin tightening and toning, and improving cellulite. The wrap itself contains these wonderful ingredients on a cloth like applicator. All you have to do to apply this applicator is take it out of the packaging and apply it to the specific area of your body that you want to target. That’s it! No mess and no going to a dayspa to spend hundreds of dollars!

This wrap is all natural and it is:
Not water loss but Actual Fat Loss . . .
Fat and toxins are lost
The Tape Measure doesn't Lie! As it
Tightens, Tones and Firms Skin . . .
Reduces Unsightly Fat and Cellulite . . .
Immediate Long Lasting Results . . .Results last from 2-6 months
Featured in the Emmy Gift Bags in 2007 and 2008, invitation only event.
Featured at the Academy Awards in 2009, invitation only event.
Easy, not messy and affordable made to use at home
Total body make over possible if used over time
Learn how to purchase at my cost with our Preferred Loyal Customer Program.
No Pain, No Bruising, No Surgery . . .
Wrap Your Abs, Back, Arms, Legs, and Double Chin, Too!!

Looking for others Nationwide to Start your own body wrap home business. For the month of April the company has a business builders kit for $149.00 US ( a $150.00 savings) with everything to do your business plus $200US worth of product. With our rebate program you can get $50.00- $100.00 US back. I am looking for a few partners to work with me. This is an amazing offer the company has made, because they want this product to get out to people.
Just apply the packaged, pre-soaked wraps to the tummy area of your new customers and watch your home-based business grow.The opportunities to market the Ultimate Body Wrap are truly endless: do home parties if you chose or may want to Market to Tanning Salons &amp; Day Spas, Massage Parlors, Fitness &amp; Weight Loss Clubs!This is a great opportunity to offer to anyone who works with clients who want to lose weight, sculpt their bodies or detoxify.You may also chose to build a distributorship of others marketing nationwide.What other home business allows you to do all this??? I am looking for highly motivated distributors as well to help expand this unique, niche product.It Works! has distributors and customers all over the U.S. and has since launched in Canada, January 2009.If this appeals to you check out my websites or call me for more information