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View Full Version : My Petlane Launch Pawty

01-10-2009, 12:09 PM
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<TD colSpan=4>http://www.petlanehome.com/images/OnlineInvitationCardNew/OnlineInvitationCard_r1_c1.jpg</TD>
<TD colSpan=3>http://www.petlanehome.com/images/OnlineInvitationCardNew/OnlineInvitationCard_r1_c5.jpg</TD>
<TD colSpan=3 rowSpan=2>http://www.petlanehome.com/images/OnlineInvitationCardNew/OnlineInvitationCard_r2_c1.jpg</TD>
<TD colSpan=4>http://www.petlanehome.com/images/OnlineInvitationCardNew/OnlineInvitationCard_r2_c4.jpg</TD>
<TD width=472 colSpan=3>
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=425 align=center>
<TD width=425>DATE: Month of January
TIME: Anytime you\'re near your computer
PLACE: Comfort of your home
PHONE: (410) 987-2275
Party Number: 2041</TD></TR></T></TABLE></TD>
<TD rowSpan=4>http://www.petlanehome.com/images/OnlineInvitationCardNew/OnlineInvitationCard_r3_c7.jpg</TD>
<TD rowSpan=2>http://www.petlanehome.com/images/OnlineInvitationCardNew/OnlineInvitationCard_r4_c1.jpg</TD>
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Can't attend? Be a part of my online
party, and help my pets earn FREE gifts
from Petlane when you shop for the
best pet products in the World! Be sure
to use my online party number when you
check out, so I receive credit for your


Online Party #: 2041
Click here to shop now! (http://petlanehome.com/pet-products-direct-sales.html)
<a href="https://securedcontent.net/petlane/images/Catalog/Catalog%202008%20Fall.pdf" target="_blank">Or click here to see the entire online
<TD width=472 colSpan=3 rowSpan=3>
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=425 align=center>
<TD =STYLE2 vAlign=top width=425>I want to welcome everyone to my new business. I hope you will take a look at the great products for your furbabies. Have food and treats delivered to your door regularly.

Please forward this invitation to your pet-loving friends.

Thank you for your support.