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01-07-2009, 01:40 PM
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There is no need to search for that elusive online business when you already have what you need to make money online - right in your own mind!</font></font>Make Your
Knowledge Sell!</font>

Do you know
something about anything? A hobby? A passion? Any interests?
Work Experience? The area you live? Places you've been?
</font>Everyone has knowledge on at least one particular subject!</font>And guess what?Every day there are millions of people searching for the knowledge you have!

Turn what ever it is you
know - into revenue!</font>

Become an
"information entrepreneur." An "infopreneur."
Basically... monetize what you know. </font>

It's so
simple. Not "easy" (real business takes some
work)... it's simple. No technical barriers to stop you.
Provide in-demand information ("Content") about something
you know. From that point on, everything flows... </font>

users search for information, for solutions. They are not
looking for you - they don't know you (yet!). They seek what
you know. Give it to them. Convert your knowledge into
in-demand Content. To succeed online, start where they
start - at "the search." </font>

topical content ranks high at the Search Engines (ex., Google, Yahoo!
MSN), attracting free, </span>targeted</span>
(i.e., interested), open-to-you visitors. Basically, these future
customers "meet you" at your site. These visitors are known
as "Traffic." </span></font>

strangers develop trust and confidence in you. How and why? You
"PREsell" by OVERdelivering what they seek...
relevant, original, information. Deliver it in your own voice, in
your own way to go beyond mere confidence... your visitors will like
you. </font>


Convert warm, willing-to-buy ("PREsold") visitors into
income. Called "Monetizing," this is the easy
part. But "M" cannot happen if you fail to first
execute C - T - P. This is where 99% of small
businesses fail. </font>

Once you have
your own PREsold traffic, you are in control. Blend in
multiple streams of revenue, not one. Diversify into multiple
streams of revenue to maximize income, growth and stability.</font>

Learn more about
how you can turn your knowledge into revenue from other WAHM's who
have already done it. </font><a href="http://www.wahm-masters-course.info/" target="_blank">WAHM

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