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12-17-2008, 06:08 PM
Okay military spouses - I want to hear from you - what sites have you used that were successful in finding jobs/employment.

For exampleI used Rat Race Rebellion to find my current job and I LOVE IT! I have also attended their Military Spouse Virtual Assistant Training Program and it was wonderful. It taught me so much and got me to think outside the box when it comes to my skill set and what I could do to further my career.

What are some sites that you have used? What about training? What did you like? Was it worth your time investment?

There are so many resources out there and I'm going to try to post as I can (re) find them (computer issues!) but I think a forum where we can share information and get many resources across the board is very helpful and informative.

12-17-2008, 09:41 PM
Military Spouse Corporate Career Network would be my #1 choice because I've worked with them since July of this year. Being a Spouse and Caregiver to a Wounded Warrior is not easy but because DH had to be medically retire, there was no other choice but to look for work to help supplement his income, which is basically a half of his active duty pay since he's served Proudly for 6.5 yrs. And his pay was not that much to begin with because he was a SPC and with four beautiful kids to care for....notA LOT!

Anyway,my faith in God has never stoppedme from believing that Hewill always be there when we needed him. Sure enough, MSCCNcalled and offered me a position.It is not just a position but a lifetime opportunity that Ihad longed for forso long because I needed something that would fit into my life. Something that I can have while caring for my Wounded Warrior and our kids. Somethingnear my side. Something from home. Working for anon-profit that focuses on the militaryhas always been a Dreamjob of mine and will always be because I've alwayswanted to work alongside military spouses and assist military spouses. I love my job and I love MSCCN. They have helped meand my family by giving me this jobthat I can learn so much from and also grow with.From a military spouse to another military spouse, never give upHope. Believe and it will happen. HE will make it happen and will always be there for you when you Believeand have Faith. :)Edited by: ProudWWSpouse

12-19-2008, 08:40 AM
I have not really looked for a JOB since I quit my full time job in 2006, but lately have been thinking about it, I have been looking to see if anything catches my eye, and like ProudWWspouse says having Faith. The lord told me in 2006 to go home and take care of my family my only child was 2 at the time and DH got deplyed.The lordhas provided for our family no doubt. But DS is 5 and will be going to kindergarten soon and I have a since of wanting to earn an income ( i worked outside the home for 20 years before having him, I was 36 when i had him).

12-19-2008, 09:50 AM
With my children now school age - I feel that it is important for me to do something. I do volunteer work however I missed my career - after all - I worked hard for it and took a break from it to have my kids.

I also realize with DH retiring in a year - we have to do a little planning and the extra income is nice.

My current position allows me to use my degrees and gives me plenty of flex hours around the kids schedule. The other thing is that hard work is appreciated and rewarded.

I think its a smart thing for everyone to consider other possibilties - even if you are not planning on going back to work for some time. There are so many things for spouses out there and I think its important for everyone to work together to provide a hand up to each other - share information, both the good and bad and take care of each other.