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11-23-2008, 05:39 PM
I have lost 17.6 pounds since Sept. 6 (so far) without adding ANY
exercise or taking any drugs...

I am using a brand new patent-pending product that only became
available in July, along with one meal replacement shake a day that
contains absolutely stellar, organic/natural ingredients/nutrition.

Otherwise, I just eat what I'm used to eating, but far less because
I'm just not as hungry...

I simply take a capsule filled with tiny microbeads that dissolve and
absorb water that I drink with it, about 30 min. before eating, and it
fills my tummy part-way before I start my meal with a bio-inert
gel-like substance. I eat LESS -- without suffering about it! It's AWESOME.

I can show you in less than 2 minutes exactly how it works with a
demo video on my web site!

It's drug-free, totally safe, ultra-pure FDA compliant, non-toxic, and
non-absorbable into your body, doctor-created and recommended, with
absolutely no side effects. It does not contain ANY drugs or stimulants.

It also does NOT conflict with any other diet plan, but SUPPORTS them,
for exampleWeight Watchers, which is great... but I remember always
being still hungry when I was on it years ago. This really would have helped!

It can assist with ANY kind of diet plan to help you not feel so hungry if
you are eating less than you’re used to.

It's available through a network marketing company (O3World, a new
division of ForeverGreen) and I am a distributor -- however, I would be
happy to place WHOLESALE orders for anyone through my own account.

I can offer this because if my personal volume points add up to enough
in a month, I'll earn a personal rebate -- even if the orders I place are
for someone else, paid for by them, and drop-shipped to them!

Of course, I'm alsolooking for people who would like to become distributors,
too -- but I love that there is really no reason to pressure anyone to
join JUST so they can order wholesale, and I still can make money
with a solid customer base, as well.

If you have questions, please feel free toemail me at
[email protected] or call me at 952-814-7296

It's Being Called *Gastric Surgery In A Bottle*

You can SEE for yourself how this revolutionary product
works in LESS THAN 2 Minutes!

http://www.SafeNewSkinnyPill.com (http://www.safenewskinnypill.com/)

TRY the Product ONLY at WHOLESALE through me...

OR, also build a business from home...

YOUR choice -NO PRESSURE to join the Biz!

ALSO... be sure to request your FREE REPORT:

MYTH BUSTERS: De-Bunking the TOP 10 Weight Loss Beliefs
That Sabotage Most Dieters

~ Laurie

PS -- ADDED VALUE of Joining My Team:

IF you are also interested in the business,I'll provide a customized site
like mine -- SafeNewSkinnyPill.com (http://www.safenewskinnypill.com/) - AND a customized version of the
Free Report at NO COST to those I personlly enroll as a distributor
(I normally charge $37/year)... plus I have already created a GROWING
team site (also F-R-E-E) with training, resources, sample marketing ideas,
recorded calls, plus we have live team webinars/calls, upline support from
mentors who have achieved high ranks VERY quickly... and more!


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