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View Full Version : Heritage Makers?

10-28-2008, 09:39 AM
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10-28-2008, 11:58 AM
Hi! Well, I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Cherish Bound before, but we
offer a publishing center for customers and people like you looking to offer the
service to others. I have lots of consultants that specifically signed up to be
consultants for that reason...make the books for others and get paid for it. I
too make books for many of my customers. So yes, that is a very profitable

"The books are gorgeous, but they just seem really
overpriced to me when someone can get a very professional looking book from some
other companies for less. " There are more and more "photo book" companies
coming out of the wood work. Some are priced fairly high with lots of fees and
misc. costs while other are somewhat "cheap" and trust me, cheap means cheap.
I've seen "Cheap". There is a reason those books run cheep......Cherish Bound
runs right in the middle of cost but high on quality. We are not overpriced by any means. With completed books starting at $29 for 24 pages it's very affordable when compared to "scrapbooking" and other photobook companies. The quality is
far beyond the average "photo book". There are many features/benefits that make
the cost different too.

Cherish Bound archives for life.
100% forever on hardbound books
Archival/Library Cert binding
No monthly
NO software - this is a web based publishing center
quality paper
Won an award in at Park City's Digital Scrapbooking expo for the best overall personal publishing company.
We are a TRUE home-based Party Plan company.

2 big
differences Cherish Bound has are consultants to help vs. many other online
photo book companies and a product line.

We offer products that can be
sold to help with the writing process. Many people are wanting to have more
freedom to write stories vs. just putting small one-sentence captions. Our
products help them organize and write their stories and our templates offer
complete design freedom to the pro and also templates for beginners, no building
or creativity necessary.We offer templates that
will allow all text, all photos, or a combo of both. </span>We offer an</span> assortment of other products that are for

As consultants we offer our services privately to
your own customers and earn 100% on all services.

Aside from running
the business as a home-based party plan, I also offer custom publishing services
for those that do not want to publish books themselves. It's become a huge
addition of income that was not anticipated. I had no idea that people would
pay so much (outside of the book publishing) for these services. My cost starts
at $75 min. and up.

I'm not sure about other companies personally...I've
heard quietly through the grapevine that some are struggling slightly...those
that offer just photo book services. I know for me, I'm not! Because we
promote and offer products that help families, find and organize stories, bring
traditions back into the home, people are connecting with the concept and
justify the idea of spending their money on these goods and services that go far
beyond the basic photo book. With people wanting to turn inward to home and
families, our company's services and products are very attractive to all
populations. because we don't necessarily cater the "scrapbooker" our customer
base is practically everyone....from 5 year old children to 90 year old men.

We have tons niche markets that consultants are finding much success in...from schools, family history, geneology, libraries, digital scrapbookers, businesses, bloggers, etc.

So there's some info....okay, a lot of info ;O) Didn't mean to ramble on so long....let me know if I can answer anymore questions. You can see more at www.cherishbound.com or my blog (link below)

Good luck!

11-01-2008, 11:11 AM
Hi Christy. I hope I am able to answer your questions. I am a Director with Heritage Makers.

~ What are the benefits of your company?
I'm not sure exactly what you mean here by benefits. Are you asking about as a consultant what do you get or what does Heritage Makers have to offer over another company? I want to make sure I answer your question.

</font>~ What are the benefits of choosing your books over another?
Quality and service. Heritage Makers is not a photobook company. We are a Storybook company. We are about STORY. With a Heritage Makers personal publishing consultant, you get a quality book that will last and you get the service of your consultant. Plus our Studio system is unlike any out there. It is a web based photo storage system,a tool to create beautiful heirloom projects and an awesome digital art library with over 30,000 pieces of art. It's certainly one of a kind. You can't go to the photobook places and get what you get with Heritage Makers.

</font>~ Do you offer any kind of guarantee?
Yes, there is a guarantee. If anything happens to your books, they will replace them at half price. This is a lifetime guarantee. Your projects are archived forever. </font>

~ Do you offer scanning services, etc? What are the benefits of this? How does this work for you as a consultant?
This is one of the most exciting things as a consultant. We have partnered with Kodak to offer a scanning service. The scanner scans 30 pictures a minute. It's crazy! We are able to scan those precious heritage photos and save them to a digital format and get them out of those shoeboxes. A brand new consultant can make some really good money right out of the gate with the scanning service. This is a great way to introduce Heritage Makers to someone. It's a natural step. People think, I'd love to do this but I need to scan my pictures first. So you offer this solution to them. Consultants make great commission on scans. </font>

~ Do you offer the service of creating books for clients? How do you price?
I do have the ability to create books for others. I have a contract that I use and it's based on services needed, book size and pages. I would be glad to go over my contract with you. There are many consultants that do this and me a great income with it.</font>

I see there is a monthly requirement of $500 sales to remain active,
this seems like it might be difficult at times, do you meet this every
month? If you have a team and you don't meet this, will you lose your
This is one of the things that attracts me most to this company, is the compensation plan and how it works.

If you are wanting to build a business, then $500 a month should be your goal. However, life does get hectic sometimes and that isn't always possible. Should you not meet your $500 one month, it's ok. Just start over the next month. Now, if you have a team and you are a ranked consultant (Star, Director, etc), you will not qualify for any bonus on their performance that month. You don't loose them but you don't get paid on them either. It's a paid for performance system. You do, you get.
In today's struggling economy is there still a market for
this right now? Are you still getting business? Please be honest!
Honestly, yes. In fact, my business has been better since the beginning of the summer than ever before. Right now, people are all about what matters most - family and memories. They are hungery for doing this. They see the redemptive value in what we do. The holidays are coming up and people want to make their money matter. They want it to be meaningful. Your family's stories and memories are meaningful. They are what matters. My team's volume has never been higher. It goes up and up each month. The growth is amazing. You can make money in this business even in today's market. If you work the business as it is laid out, you will be successful. </font>

would really love to consider this as a true career option (with the
books added). I am considering going to school for graphics and I think
that photo restoration, creating photobooks, scanning pics, films, etc
would be a great addition to any business I might start in the future!
I am just really afraid to take the plunge when I already have a
jewelry business and don't want to put out anymore $ unless it makes

Christy, I would be very happy to talk with you more about this. There is a lot more I'd love to share and say. There are some exciting things coming up this month that is just going to blow our socks off.

I have been with Heritage Makers for 3.5 years. We are still a very young company but have made tremendous strides. Like I said our growth is outstanding. However, we still have room for many more. Many areas are untouched. There is a lot to offer in this company. You can make a difference in people's lives. I truely believe that. With our products and the scanning services along with you designing for others (and the company if you'd like), you can have a successful business.

My website is www.MyLegacyMaker.com. Please look at it and contact me if you'd like to chat more about this.

11-05-2008, 10:20 PM
Hi Christy! Wendy answered your questions beautifully! But I just wanted to add one more thing that might help you.

You're very smart for wanting to learn all you can about this or any company before you jump in with both feet. I did the same thing before I signed on to be a consultant. I joined just last Monday! I actually researched and researched for about a week as time permitted to find the right company for me. I was very interested in this company from the get go, but what really pushed this company for me was the fact that Oprah, yes OPRAH WINFREY herself is personally endorsing this company. Once I learned that Heritage Makers was going to be featured on her Favorite Gifts of All Time article from her "O" magazine that comes out this month, I knew this was the business to join.

The reason this is such a big thing is because this company is still currently pretty small. It's a true ground floor opportunity. When this goes in Oprah's magazine this month, this company is going to become very big very fast! NOW is definitely the time to get in with this company. That was the clincher for me in deciding to choose this opportunity. Really though, there are several reasons to choose this company. Even before I learned of the Oprah thing this was one of two companies I was going to settle on.

I hope that helps you some what.

I know I'm not as seasoned as Wendy, but I'm still happy to chat with you more about this if you would like. If you happen to be local to So. California I would be happy to show you some samples of the product. I just got my kit and I'm sooooo excited! Here is a link to my website with my phone and email:


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