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View Full Version : What can we do?

07-24-2008, 09:15 AM
Ok I have a huge love for our military. My passion I guess you might say. I feel I should be doing more for them. At the base where we just moved fromI saw a need and that was with our Junior enlisted. The base had an enourmous amount of Officers there due to the CGSC school. So the enlisted were over shadowed, that was ok for us Senour enlisted because we had been in long enough to know what to do where to go etc.. But the junior enlisted just coming out of basic, going home to marry there high school sweetheart then going to there first duty station with 1-2 kids. Alot of time no money, no food, no diapers. Ok so the platoon Sgt. gets them to ACS a few days later they have some food, signed up for food stamps, WIC etc. but my problem was first off sometimes the soldier had to much pride and was afraid of being made fun of by platoon Sgt. etc. Or they just did not know they could get help. Then a few days with out food money etc... When I found out this was happening I said that is unaccetable. I opened my big mouth and The chapel donated $1000.00 so I started a pay it forward room. Againg my passion and my love for our soldiers and there families drive me to want to do more. Our soldiers coming back from the war imo need help. They fought for our country and many our continuing to fight those demons that will not leave them. There families deserve so much more then what they have and get. We spouses are the glue that holds it all together. Most ofus do not work outside the home, just because we have so much to do. We give up everything our homes, our identity, our family, our stuff (because we have to keep at that weight). I want to here from you what can we do to help each other or what can I do to help you? I mean that sincerely.

07-29-2008, 09:49 PM
Hi MRS1stSgt

I know first hand what you are talking about. Stationed here in Wa as our first duty station and my husband being junior enlisted I see personally the struggle you are speaking of. One I knew about wic but not the other options I think education is a huge key. Not to metion I have no clue how to get over the pride issue. Much needed we could use food stamps but my husband would have a heart attack due to pride. He joined the Army to better our lives and refuses to take that kind of help. For that I have no answer. I am on this website for help and fast to find a way to make money at home. With me having little education past a HS diploma and a toddler, the cost of daycare and the small wadges I need something to help us. Which I honestly have no idea where to start. I also for first time duty stations think the military should make sure the soliders know of options and stress the need for a "liason" we had no clue what was what when we got out here. ended up over 20miles from post and now are dealing with the cost of gas which puts even more stress on our small income. Thank you SO much for your concern for jr enlisted and their families it is amazingly conforting to know someone sees our struggle. Thank you for all you do.

07-30-2008, 07:57 AM
Candace, if you have any specific needs please pm me. There are alot of telecommuting jobs in the telecommuting folder dig in there to see what there is also try craigslist.org and type in telecommuting for your area, military.com has an area for jobs and careers too. ACS (Army community service) should have alot of answers for you. Are you at Fort Lewis? Hang in there it does get better. Does your DH's unit have an FRG liason? Also Angel food ministry is a great help, i myself use angel food ministry. in todays tuff times you can not be to prideful. Hugs to you and your family.