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07-22-2008, 06:20 PM

Get ready for possibly the Biggest NEW Launch of 2008!

After the success of MrsVip/V-lane, QLx3 (Oxford), and ASD Cash Generator,

"OWS" will be the next Big real earning opportunity with Full proof to its members.

This program is similar in structure to V-lane Traffic, in that it has a front end 2x10 matrix you join, and on the back end it has a passive income vehicle.

The passive income vehicle in this case is an institutional-grade $60 million Forex trading program that has been averaging 15-20% per month with some months doing 30%-40% for the last 10 months!

They have been doing live webinars and showing you their actual results, and how they make their money.

So, for those of you who don't like the matrix component, just think of it as a monthly fee you have to pay in order to participate in the passive side!

Do you know $500 compounded for 3 years at 20% per month will earn you $354,000?

You can just join with $60, and use your earnings to fund your Investment account (Passive Side).

This program has been creating a lot of Buzz in the forums these past weeks. Mainly due to the 2x10 community forced matrix.

This means that the first 2046 people will be placed automatically left to right all the way down the first 10 levels. This will ensure that there are no open spots, and no one will get left behind.

Because this matrix fills automatically all the way down, you will not have to sponsor anyone in order to earn from this matrix,

To give you an idea of how lucrative this matrix can be, if you are one of the lucky few who gets in early I have enclosed the company matrix chart.

The matrix has been designed that you only have to pay the $60 one-time.

Once you have your first two levels full (just 6 people) you are in profit in the matrix!

Levels 2-10

02 $10

03 $50

04 $400

05 $80

06 $640

07 $320

08 $1,920

09 $2,560

10 $33,280

Earning you $40,000 per month!

Trust me, this matrix will fill very very fast, so you are going to want to get in as soon as this goes live!

The admin has predicted that they will have 10,000+ members by the end of the first 30 days and 30000+ members in 2 months.

I'm a little more conservative than that, and I'll just say that even if they only get 50%, we have full matrices at that point!

All of us will be full through level 7-8 within 1-2 Months!

I will be joining under a very good heavy hitter, He will be sending his link to me to singup, and then I will send you the link to join immediately, as soon as it goes Live This week.

So you can be getting spillover not only from the Company, but from me and my Upline too.

Your matrix will be fill up fast! The first 11 Levels are community filled. This OWS program is already buzz on the Internet forums (more than 40,000 are interested in it right now!)

Remember, people who joined MrsVip/V-Lane early are now earning 6 figure Incomes every month.

This is a life changing opportunity, with just a $60 price tag.

If you are interested, send me email:

[email protected]?subject=SEND_ME_LINK_2_JOIN_O WS

I will send you the joining Link as soon as I will get it!



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