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04-15-2008, 08:46 AM
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This is a surfing program. I
workat the most 1/2 an hour a day. That is the Gods honest

You to join this for free and even train for free too, so you get all the
information up front even the part about how you can expect to make money surfing.
The presentation takes about an hour.


You buy an ad package. You surf. You get rebates for surfing every
day. (BTW, 24 sites a day is the MOST you will ever have to surf at 15 seconds
a site, more is optional, but not necessary to earn your rebate.) That equals
to about 6 minutes a day.

You upgrade with the rebate you got to buy another ad package the next
day. Then that day you surf again. You get rebated for that days
surfing. The next day, you upgrade to another ad package with the rebate you
just earned. You surf again. This process continues until you are making
enough to take a weekly payment! </span>You
decide when that is!

It really is that simple! </span>You can start
with a 10 dollar ad package if you want or a 25 or 50 or 100 ad package, but
most people start with a 500 ad package. My first few days looks like

The first day I earned $30.00; </span>the next
day I earned $30.30; </span>the next day I
earned $30.60;

the next day I earned $30.90; </span>the next
day I earned $31.20; </span>the next day I
earned $20.60;

the next day I earned $21.20; </span>the next
day I earned $32.35; </span>the next day I
earned $36.58

My Income Just Keeps Going UP!

The payout happens DAILY, (NOT holidays) even on the weekends.

Lots of info, huh? Maybe itís enough to have you in a place where you
would like to know more. If that' the case, GOOD!

</span><a href="http://idumpedmyboss.com/" target="_blank">

</span></a></span><a target="_blank">www.thisoneisforthegirls.com

(if the link doesn't work, just click on the banner ad below)</a></font>

</span>Go </span></span> (http://www.helloworld.com/coachvegas)www.helloworld.com/coachvegas</span> (http://www.helloworld.com/coachvegas) for the Presentation Click on the Video Link On the left, then choose an ASD Presentation!

If you have questions after that, feel free to call me, at 508-316-1922</span></font>


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