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View Full Version : DiamondCreek Candles

04-12-2008, 04:45 AM
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<div align="center"><div align="center">DiamondCreek Candles</font></span></font></font>
As Unique and Individual as You Are!</font></span></font>I
love to browse through a store, taking my time to look at all the
products before I buy. Wouldn't it be great if you could do that with
your search for a direct sales company?</span></font>Well, you can! DiamondCreek Candles</font> is giving you the opportunity to be a consultant without having to spend a dime.
</span></font>Our 30-day Free Trial (http://www.diamondcreekcandles.com/consultants/uid/karenmelone_1_tlid_8_WAHM30day) </font>allows you the opportunity to sell DiamondCreek Candles</font>
and earn 25% commission, purchase our products at a 25% consultant
discount, receive your own affiliate website, even earn residual income
if you choose to build a team! Yes, you are reaping the benefits of a
Silver Level Consultant and all you had to do is say, "Yes, I would
like to join your 30-Day FREE Trial!" You are not obligated to remain
after your free trial, although we would love to have you stay.
</font>No gimmicks at DiamondCreek Candles!
No hidden fees!
No minimum quotas, requirements, parties ... EVER!
No cancellation fees should you decide not to remain with DCC!
No pressure!

</font></font></font><div align="center"><div align="left">DiamondCreek Candles offers:</font>
</font><ul> Over 75 scents</font></font> Large variety of products</font></font> Unique Products ... unlike any on the market today</font></font> Your
own affiliate website/store (brand new sites coming on April 1st. Will
include a gift registry, event calendar, and so much more!)</font></font> Phenomenal corporate support and team leadership</font></font> NO quotas, minimums, parties, or other requirements</font></font> 3
Consultant Programs to choose beginning at $5 a month - you decide what
is best for you and your budget. Can change your program month to
month.</font></font> Commission and Residual Income Opportunities</font></font> And More!</font></font>[/list]</span></font>

</span></font><div align="center"></span></font><div align="center">


Whether you are a
candle hobbyist or would like to begin an at-home business, DiamondCreek
Candles</font> offers an opportunity for you at a price you can afford. </span>

Browse through DiamondCreek Candles</font> by visiting my website (http://www.diamondcreekcandles.com/consultants/uid/karenmelone_1_tlid_8_WAHMad) today. While you are there, don't forget to </span></font>enter our FREE CANDLE DRAWING (http://www.diamondcreekcandles.com/consultants/uid/karenmelone_1_tlid_8_WAHMdraw). No Purchase Necessary!</font>


Thank you for
your interest in DiamondCreek Candles</font>!
</span>If I can help you with any questions or provide additional information, please do not hesitate to <a href="mailto:[email protected]?subject=Candle%20Sa les%20Business" target="_blank">email

Thank you and have a great day! smileys/smiley4.gif</span></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font></font><div align="center">






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