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Christina Wiler
02-05-2008, 09:26 AM
Who, you ask??? ME!! Your fellowWAHM friend!! I am currently the top recruiter nationwide (out of 60,000 brokers!!) and I want to share my knowledge and train you to follow in my footsteps and create an awesome paycheck at home!!

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Enrolling with this kind of experience and support behind you, you have no where to go but up!!

Let me tell you that I know very well what a frustrating experience it can be to find something legit to do from home. I remember going to work and crying my eyes out on my way from the daycare to the office. It broke my heart every day leaving my kids and no matter how much people told me that it would get better it just never did. I also remember staying up into the wee hours of the morning desperately searching for a way to work at home. I looked at everything and tried many things. I spent over $4,000 and over 2 years looking and trying and looking some more! Trust me I know the frustration!!!

I now have a year and a half of work at home experience under my belt and I am building leaders that are creating career level incomes at home for themselves!! AND GUESS WHAT??? Many of those that I am leading and training are mom's just like you that were right here on this site looking for something to do at home, just like YOU!!

I found this company when I was looking for dental coverage to supplement my husbands insurance plan. When I found out that I could work for the company and get the dental plan as part of my brokership at no charge, I had to look further into it. I talked to someone and relayed all the info to my hubby and he told me to just go for it and try it out. I didn't have anything better and I was falling into such a deep depression going to work every day. This company has answered all of my prayers. I was able to quit my job and stay home with my babies!

Only, I enrolled a year and a half ago and paid $250 to get my business started! YOU CAN DO THE SAME THING TODAY FOR JUST $25. Twenty five dollars!! It costs more than that to take your family out for pizza on friday night!!!

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I would love to help you be in this same place as me....FREE FROM THE FRUSTRATION!!!