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View Full Version : Questions about WW

02-05-2008, 07:25 AM
It's been years since I've been to WW meetings. I'm just wondering how their program is set up now. Is it based on low fat, low carb or low cal? I couldn't do it before because it was too restrictive for me. Just wondering how their program is set up now.


02-05-2008, 07:39 AM
Hi Kim,
Basically there are two programs for WW now. One is a points system where you answer like three questions to determine how many points you are allowed a day. Like how active are you, your age and your weight. Each food is given a number of points - basically it's like for every 50 calories, it's a point. They give you a book and a points finder - super easy! You'll pick it up in no time at all. They do give you 35 extra points per week, but you don't have to use those and the more you exercise, the more you can get back. You can eat what you want, just make sure the you use up your points every week. Also, they say you HAVE to be sure a certain number is oil, like olive oil. I'm not sure how many points they say.If you're allowed 26 points a day, and you have cereal, skim milk and a banana for breakfast, that's like 5 points for that meal (just guessing) and then you have 21 left over for the rest of the day. But like I said, you can use some of the extra 35 you're allowed a week.

Then there's the core plan where you don't have to count points but they give you a list of core foods and you just eat off that without counting points. There are guidelines to that, like the meat no bigger than your palm, etc. but there's no point counting. I thought it was too restrictive in what you can eat but people who didn't want to count points thought it was okay.

I did enjoy going but then I decided to do it on my own by heavy duty exercise and for me the working out is working better. I just make sure I eat small portions throughout the day and I have a friend who works for Herbalife, so I get my protein bars from him.

Hope the info helps!!!!! And good luck!!!!!

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