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02-04-2008, 03:40 PM

Do you know somebody who needs inexpensive health care and/or dental care?

Can you tell them, if they do need this care to give me a call to find out more..
(530)544-1251 (office/home) Let me send you this Magazine and more info to find out more..

I am a stay at home mom, and I was looking for Health Insurance..and I found a job, which

supplied an awesome Health Care Plan, anyway!. So I'm telling you about it so you will go

out and find out, see if it's cheaper..because it is!
It includes: Dental, yea, dental, like as in instant savings on braces, X-rays, etc., on the

spot..It also includes Vision, prescription, Medical and chiropractic care!! All those

services, and the most expensive of all the plans, for all of that, plus more savings, like

non-medical benefits, like 1-800 flowers, etc.....was $59.95/per household!

What I do in Ameriplan is sign up households, not individuals, and not per person, who have

requested the information already, for the discount health and dental memberships..plans

range from $20-$60 for the most expensive..so you bet thats affordable for all of the above.

I can also sign you up to work...be an IBO..independent buisness owner marketing this

companys plans....and stay home to work!! Go to my websites...some of which you will get

the day you sign up to work!! For working at home..its a one-time $25 Feb. special to

recieve an employee Dental package, so your not paying to work, your buying a Plan to save

you money that your insurance doesnt!

To find out information for yourself, go to my websites...and to talk to me...call me or go

to request an interveiw page..and I will get to you as soon as Im done with the people that

were before you...or I will have someone contact you to set up an appointment. Either way,

you've got to atleast find out, right?

Thanks! -Tredi

http://www.yourlegacyteam.com/tredi (my personal website)
http://www.everyonebenefits.com/tredi (http://www.everyonebenefits.com/tredi) (for discount health Plans, no exclutions, for

anyone...no ongoing condition can exclude you)
http://www.iboplus.com/tredi (to work from home)