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11-26-2007, 10:28 AM
Michael Badger brings you a new kind of affiliate program....

What is different about this one?

First, you RECEIVE Monthly Income JUST for signing up!

In a hurry? Details >> http://tinyurl.com/3b4cpq (http://tinyurl.com/3b4cpq)

You never have to buy anything, sell anything or recruit anyone!
It sounds unrealistic at first, but it is all laid out for you right on
the homepage.

Basically, it is a PROFIT SHARE for a new service that will soon
be launched. A portion of the profits from the service will be
allocated to go to the pool of people that sign up to receive a
share of it NOW!

This is not one of those profit shares where you HAVE to be a paying
member of the service to get a part of it. In fact, once the service is
launched, people will NO LONGER be able to get onto the earnings
pool list!

So, as the service grows in popularity, the amount given to the pool
will go UP but the number of people in the pool will STAY THE SAME!

As earnings rise, your share will rise too!


No strings attached!

Of course, this IS an affiliate program, so there are some benefits
when you refer people... BIG benefits.

But think about it for a minute -- how easy would it be for you to promote
an affiliate program if you could tell people there was money for the taking
JUST for signing up?

This will be the easiest affiliate program you have EVER promoted!

And here are the big benefits you get when you refer people:

1. You get another spot in the earnings pool for every person you refer
who signs up for a portion of the f`r`e`e money! How easy is that!?

2. Plus, when the new service launches, it will be a paid-monthly service.
When ANY of your referrals decides to become a member of the new
service, they will be YOUR referrals in the new program, and YOU will
receive a monthly commission on the sale -- EVEN IF you yourself never
become a paying member of the new service! This is an EASY way to
secure a residual monthly income for a long time!

3. There is a product package that members are offered one time only
immediately after they signup. If your referrals buy that package, you
will get a commission on that sale. It is a great package, and you get
upgraded to Premium Member when you buy it, so a lot of your referrals
will probably make the purchase.

So, this is NOT just an interesting pre-launch for the new service. You
can start making income promoting this right away!

So to just to recap:

- NO CHARGE to join.

- You receive MONTHLY income JUST for signing up.

- If you choose to tell people about the income they can also receive,
you will get huge rewards for doing so.

This is easily going to be one of the simplest programs you will
ever promote!

Go sign up now because this is going to be huge!

Sign Up Now... http://tinyurl.com/3b4cpq
Wishing you all the best...
Success, Wealth, Happiness, Health!
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