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11-25-2007, 08:01 PM
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Stop thinking like a consumer.

Thinking like a consumer will destroy your business before you even begin. [/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]
In Chapter 1... you agree that you need to offer people something of value.[/B]
The next thing we need to consider is your customer.
But wait! You don't even have your business started yet! How can you consider your customer when you don't even know what your business will offer and you haven't even made your first sale?
This is one of the first areas where most people stumble... they go about their business backwards. They choose a product that they like, assign a price to their product, and then look for buyers.
That's exactly the opposite of what they should be doing.
That's thinking from the viewpoint of a consumer... a person who buys things.
To succeed in business, you must begin to think from the viewpoint of a businessperson... a person who sells things.
The way to succeed in business is to identify a large group of potential customers, determine what they can afford to pay, then find a product that they want that falls within that price range.
Here's what I mean...
Bill decides he wants to have his own business. He's always liked expensive watches so he decides to go into the luxury wristwatch business. He's thrilled to learn that he can make thousands of dollars each time a customer buys one of his expensive watches... and they certainly are beautiful... so, using his home as collateral he borrows a few hundred thousand dollars, quits his job, and opens a store selling top-of-the-line watches.
Then he advertises and waits... and waits... and advertises... and puts his watches on sale... and waits.
But Bill lives in a medium-sized city and not many people can afford his watches... although they certainly are beautiful.
Then the local factory shuts down... and a few hundred people lose their jobs. Some of them are forced to move to another town in order to find employment. Suddenly there are a lot of homes for sale in Bill's town, and the price of real estate is falling. There are fewer people buying groceries, fewer people buying new cars, and fewer people going to the doctor's office.
Three of Bill's most likely customers... the man who owns the local grocery store, the local new car dealer, and the doctor in town... have all decided to wait a while before they buy that fancy new watch they've been thinking about... so Bill waits.
Meanwhile Bill's neighbor, Joe, also decides he wants to have a business of his own.
Joe looks around at the rising unemployment in his town. He sees people struggling for lack of income. He sees his friends working two jobs, spending more and more time away from their families. On television he sees the same things happening around the world... the cost of living going up and incomes going down.
Joe realizes that if there was some kind of business where he could help people make money... he could have a very successful business! He also realizes that if he can keep the price of his product or service VERY low... so that practically anyone could afford it, finding new customers would be easy!
Joe has found his potential customer base... people who need (or just want) to make more money. He has determined some general pricing guidelines... the less expensive his prices, the better. Now all he needs is a product!
See the difference?
Bill was thinking like a consumer. "I'd buy that expensive watch, so other people will too!"
Joe's thinking like a businessman. "I need to find a product or a service that lots of people want at a price they can easily afford."
So who do you think is going to succeed? My money's on Joe, but let's see what he does next. After all, he's not there yet!

Joe and the Internet.
Joe looks around town and doesn't find what he's looking for... so he turns to the Internet. (Side note: Joe's not alone! According to search engine results, "making money" is the single fastest-growing area of interest online! Millions of people are literally searching for a legitimate way to make money on the Internet!)
Joe finds lots of ways to make money on the Internet... supposedly. He sees hundreds of flashy websites promising to make him rich overnight. They all say pretty much the same thing. "Join NOW and we'll flood your PayPal account as you sleep!"
Do any of those programs really work?
It doesn't matter, because that's not what Joe is looking for.
Joe's not looking for something he can BUY... remember, Joe stopped thinking like a consumer... he's looking for a product or a service that he can use to build his own business.
He's looking for something that OTHER PEOPLE will want to buy!
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