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View Full Version : Do You Trust Oprah? (xng)

Angela Simpson
11-24-2007, 10:19 PM
Hello ladies,
I apologize for the length of this post, but it is important that you get this information.

If you or your any of your loved ones are suffering, you must educate yourself about mangosteen fruit juice. Dr. Oz discussed it on Oprah earlier this month! Watch this 5 minute video: http://online.gomangosteen.com/video/Joe_New_fs.swf (http://online.gomangosteen.com/video/Joe_New_fs.swf).If you are suffering, this could be the most important information you ever receive.

If you are suffering financially, watch this short video as well: http://online.gomangosteen.com/video/gm_biz_fs.swf (http://online.gomangosteen.com/video/gm_biz_fs.swf). This could change your life. Imagine being able to stay home with your kids and NEVER having to worry about money? Imagine your children and grandchildren having the same luxury because you decided to make it happen...

Throw your skepticism out the window and pay attention. My husband had such terrible back pain that he couldn't hardly get out of bed. He is now pain free 99% of the time because of mangosteen. My mom was on antibiotics monthly for diverticulitis and in the hospital multiple times last year. She was scheduled to have colon surgery. Since she's been drinking the juice, she has NOT had to have surgery, she has NOT had to take antibiotics, and she has NOT been back to the hospital. Her doctor was baffled, but we know why. My dad is not bothered by arthritis anymore and has cut his meds (with the support of his doctor)for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes by 75% already. He will probably be off of them completely early next year. A friend of mine, Cindy,has been able to stop taking 9 prescription meds for various conditions from fibromyalgia to depression. I was having terrible pain in my hip left over from pregnancy, and I was so tired all the time. Now I have NO pain and energy like I've never had before in my life.

Who are you thinking of right now who you love and would like to see them feeling better? Too many people pray for an answer to their troubles and then don't act when that answer is staring then in the face. Sure, I cannot guarantee that this juice will do anything in particular for anyone in particular. However, if this mangosteen fruit juice did nothing, then why do hundreds of thousands of people, including numerous health care professionals,not go a day without it? Then why are there that many people sharing their testimonies about their experiences with this juice? Then why is this company growing faster than eBay? Hmmm...figured it out yet?

I'm here to answer any questions you may have. In Xango, we work as a team to help each other reach our goals. If you understand the significance of the information presented here, please e-mail me and we can discuss your goals and how Xango can help you reach them.

For more videos to help you get a sense of the culture of Xango, go to this site: www.xango.tv (http://www.xango.tv)

Thank you,
Angela Simpson
[email protected] (angelasimpso[email protected])

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