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View Full Version : Ultra International eStore (ui)

07-23-2007, 10:10 AM
Ultra International eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/) Business Opportunity

Make money simply by selling and purchasing products you already use every day. That’s the idea behind Ultra eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/).

In as little as 5 minutes, you can open your very own eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™, and for every item purchased on it, you earn a commission. And if you sign other people up to be eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™ owners, you earn commission on purchases from their eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™ as well! And Ultra International (http://www.estoreultra.com/) offers a wide range of products that everyone already uses!

Even if you have only very limited internet experience and comfort, you can easily successfully own and operate your Ultra International eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™ as Ultra International (http://www.estoreultra.com/) does all the hard work for you. Our completely automated system will build your eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™ in a matter of minutes, giving you access to all of your sales data, wholesale pricing, and much more! There is no inventory to buy, and nothing to ship, handle, or deliver. Ultra International (http://www.estoreultra.com/) will drop ship everything ordered from your eStore™ directly to your customer.

It’s that simple. For one yearly fee of $9.95, we provide you with the backend software to run your own eStore™. All you have to do is get people to come to your site and buy from the wide range of premium products at discounted prices. And as an added benefit, you can purchase products at true wholesale cost!

Open Your eStore (https://www.cs4000.com/ultraselects/enroll/signup_form.asp?sponsorid=10520)

How Do You Make Money?

Let us explain in detail how you can take advantage of our cascading compensation plan, fast start bonuses, bonus pools and team bonuses!

As an Ultra International eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™ owner, you have a multitude of ways to earn extra income. You will earn a commission on every item ordered from your Ultra International eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™. If you wish to have an opportunity to make even more money, you can become involved as a e-Store (http://www.estoreultra.com/) Developer (there is no cost in becoming an eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™ Developer). With a little bit of free training, you will learn how to help your friends, family, and work associates to open their own Ultra International eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™. And we help provide you the materials to sell – you can customize and download a variety of brochures and business cards in our backend office.

Spread the word! As an eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™ developer you will earn an ongoing residual income from every Ultra International eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™ that opens from your direct and indirect efforts. eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™ Developers can potentially produce an incredible residual lifetime income. The more Ultra International eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™ locations you help Ultra International (http://www.estoreultra.com/) open, the more potential income you can make. All you have to do is refer someone to your eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/), and if they click “Open Your Own eStore (https://www.cs4000.com/ultraselects/enroll/signup_form.asp?sponsorid=10520)”, then they are automatically placed under you for the compensation plan.

For example, if you help 5 of your friends open an Ultra International eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™, and they help 5 of their friends open an eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™, you will earn a residual income on all of the locations that you ultimately helped start. Due to this revolutionary system of rapid expansion, you could be earning a commission on the activity of thousands of Ultra International eStores (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™.

Your commissions are tracked using a sophisticated computer program. You will be able to see your earned commissions in real time. All of the necessary software is very simple to use, and is included in the price of your store.

Sell our premium products! Another source of potential revenue is to actually sell products that you purchase wholesale from your own Ultra International eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™ in the common traditional retail methods. There are many ways to retail products including “home parties”, traditional existing retail locations, kiosks, direct sales, E-Bay, etc.

That’s the best part, there is no catch, and there is no risk. Your only obligation to remain a “qualified” Ultra International eStore (http://www.estoreultra.com/)™ owner is to produce a minimum of $25 per month in “Business Volume”. And we do not require this until the end of each month. Many people can do that simply by purchasing and consuming products that they are currently purchasing from places like Wal-Mart!

Due to the fact that many of the Ultra International (http://www.estoreultra.com/) products are “Got To Have Products” such as laundry soaps, dish soaps, bar soaps, shampoos, and many other everyday household products, producing $25 in “business volume” is a pretty easy task. And Ultra International also provides a way for you to “autoship” your monthly order so you can (pre)choose from a variety of packages that meet the $25 goal.

This amazing opportunity is a great way to earn extra income from your own home without a large investment (Only $9.95 per YEAR.). To learn more about this opportunity, please join us on one of our daily 10 minute information calls (link to Informational Opportunity/Training Call Schedule). You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

Open Your eStore (https://www.cs4000.com/ultraselects/enroll/signup_form.asp?sponsorid=10520)

Why Our Products?

Ultra International (http://www.estoreultra.com/) offers you a full array of the finest quality of environmentally friendly home and personal care the products at affordable prices.

Our premium Pure Select products range from All Purpose Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Conditioning Shampoo, Laundry Concentrate, Liquid Dish Soap, and Liquid Hand Soap. And with all Pure Selects products, you have the option to use it in its original, fragrance free form or blend in your choice of a Pure Selects fragrance: Cotton Blossom, Lavender, Ultra Fresh, Vanilla Brown Sugar, White Tea and Thyme, or Honey Dew Melon.

We work to ensure that every product we offer adheres to our 4 Core Promises – Offer a complete line of products that encourage Safe Cleaning, are the Highest Quality of Product, are Environmentally Green, and have Affordable Pricing.

Open Your eStore (https://www.cs4000.com/ultraselects/enroll/signup_form.asp?sponsorid=10520)

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