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View Full Version : Serious Mommy's Needed!!! mb

07-15-2007, 10:17 AM
<H1 align=center ="style19">Nationwide, Everyone is saying that
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The BEST smelling candles ever made! </H1>
"When I received my first order from Scent-Sations, I got really excited because I could smell the candles even before I opened the box. I sat my candle on the table for a few days and thoroughly enjoyed the scent even before I burned the candle.

When I finally lit the candle, I was amazed at the wonderful soft aroma and the way the candle burned so even! I couldn't wait to see how they cleaned up with soap and water, so I dipped some wax on the kitchen counter and was amazed at how easy it washed off. I kept the wicks trimmed and when that jar was burned to bottom, I couldn't believe I was still enjoying that wonderful aroma and that the jar was not black.

I removed the wax from the jar, took out the remainder of the wick and put the wax in a simmer pot to continue enjoying the wonderful aroma. ( Nothing gets thrown away. I even clean out the jars and take them to the local thrift store.) Not to mention the fact that I could burn these candles without getting headaches, as I have environmental allergies. I love candles, but was never able to really enjoy them until the Mia Bella. Needless to say, I was hooked.

I've been trying other "soy" and other alternative candles since the Mia Bella. The results are not the same. Most of the votives I've purchased start to crumble before I even get them home. The fragrance doesn't last to the end of the candle. And the aromas are not as soft and enjoyable as the Mia Bella candle.

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<LI>(1) Soysational Bella Bar (Natural Soap Alternative) </LI>[/list]

(Suggested Retail for these products is over $60!)</CENTER>
We offer several different start-up packages to help you get your business jump started! When you enroll in the Candle of the Month program, you can choose from several start-up package options for your first initial order. The Candle of the Month package will be sent to you each month afterwards. Click here to view the start-up packages! (http://mysweetscents.scent-team.com/pdfs/startuppackages.pdf)

When you enroll in the Candle of the Month Program, you can purchase any of our products at the wholesale price and resell them for significant profit! You can sell our products to fundraising organizations and you can sponsor others who wish to retail our products. You can earn 5-10% of the commissionable sales volume for people in that organization. Included in the package is a website to market your business. For more information on the compensation plan, click here (http://mysweetscents.scent-team.com/residualincome.php). Cost analysis information is located in the distributor back office.
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There are thousands of organizations in your area looking for ways to earn more money every year. Why not help them and earn money at the same time?
Imagine being able to show organizations in your area a fund-raiser using our healthy alternative gourmet candle. What a great story for the organization to tell and sell!
The process of setting up a fund-raiser is simple. All you have to do is present your gourmet candles to the fund-raising group and when they decide to sell them your work is just about finished! The organization already knows how to do a fund-raiser!
You simply provide them with the necessary papers (which we provide for you in the back office) and they go do the fund-raiser. When the group is ready for the candles you simply call in the order and we will either ship it directly to the fund-raising group or to you.
Imagine that you could set up just 30 of the thousands of organizations in your area and they sold 1,000 candles per year doing just two fund-raisers per year. If you earned $1 or $2 per candle you could be earning an incredible fund-raising income! From the customers who purchase the candles at a fund-raiser you could get lots of new retail customers, more fund-raisers and there is a huge potential for sponsoring candle of the month club members too!

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When you build a business organization by sponsoring others into the program you can earn 5-10% of the commissionable sales volume of all the Candle of the Month Program and Associate distributors in that organization. This plan was designed to benefit both the part-time and full-time distributor. That is why the larger commission is at both the 1st and 6th levels. You can earn residual income based on the retail sales of your entire organization!

You can also earn Fast Start Bonus Commissions! Each time a distributor who you personally sponsored purchases a Fast Start Pack you will earn a $50 bonus in addition to the 10% of the Fast Start Commissionable Volume!
http://mysweetscents.scent-team.com/images/bluearrow.jpg Click to View our compensation plan (http://mysweetscents.scent-team.com/compensation--plan.html)
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<DIV align=center>
<DIV align=center ="erFont">How To Earn An Excellent Part Time Home Based Income With Direct Sales

Almost everyone you know has scented candles in his or her home! Chances are 99% of those candles are paraffin candles! The process of selling Mia Bella Gourmet Candles is so simple. Since most people already buy scented candles they will be open to at least look at your gourmet candles. Once you let them smell the gourmet candle you are assured a sale!

<DIV align=center ="erFont">A simple "show and smell" demonstration will put money in your pocket daily!

There are many ways to retail our candles: Home parties, information seminars, direct face to face selling, booths, etc.

<DIV align=center>http://www.wahm.com/forum/smileys/smiley10.gifThe ways to make money are endless! Contact me today to become a Candle Diva with me!http://www.wahm.com/forum/smileys/smiley10.gif

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