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Kitt B Fit
05-21-2007, 04:51 PM
Hello gals!

I decided to indulge and hop on the boards for a while today, and I wanted to share how things have been going with my body transformation challenge.

I don't ever hop on the scale because it's 10-15 pounds of water on the move and I don't want to get hung up on a number. BUT, I've lost nearly 26 inches now, and I don't have a single pair of summer shorts that fit me, and all of my shirts look like they belong to someone else- someone much bigger! LOL! smileys/smiley36.gif

Today was the last of a series of intensive instructional trainings with my professional coach, "Jumpin' Jeff" who is an all around incredible guy and a BFL trainer who's coached a whole portfolio full of BFL champs and placers. I can't believe I've been fortunate enough to work with him for 2 months now!

It's been a couple weeks between our last session, and he was completely awe struck by the changes he's seeing- he told me he's never seen someone transform so dramatically in this span of time (I credit the cleansing program I'm doing) and it was great to be able to impress someone with his experience!

I wanted to tell you all who are doing resistance training to check out the AWESOME resistance cables he's got me using. I've opted for these instead of our bowflex because it's easier, a better workout, and you can take them with you and use them anywhere. They've been around since the 80's but have been used mostly by hollywood coaches and their clients until the last 5-10 years. (fun trivia fact- Mick Jagger uses these!) They're called LifeLine Cables, and you can visit their website to check them out. (This is not an affiliate link)
Lifeline USA (http://www.lifelineusa.com)

I only needed $30 in equipment for a total resistance workout!

All the best,

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