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View Full Version : What would you do?

05-11-2007, 12:40 AM
Okay this isn't a HUGE issue or anything,,looking for opinions though!

We got stationed at Ft. Wainwright Alaska. Housing is horrible here, one set of housing was privatized and they weren't treating the soldiers right so the Army nixed their contract, so it is getting fenced off from the rest of post. Then there is housing that was newly built but they found chemicals in the ground and can't be lived in for 5 yrs. SO we found a house to rent off post. The place is dated (shag carpet) but homey, although no bathtub,,,just showers. From the start I wasn't happy with our realtor, didn't tell us when trash day was, where the recepticle was, then I called because I couldn't find a mailbox...well there wasn't one..the post office was going to send back my mail..took her 2 weeks to get a temporary one. There was a nasy leak in the one bathroom that left blue toilet bowl cleaner everywhere (bathroom is carpeted), the house was really dirty when we moved in, gross dirty too. The washer hookup was leaking...the guy came fixed it, but turned out it was the wrong one...been here 2 months and can't get anyone to come fix it yet. Got a notice that if we didn't have a "proper" mailbox that the carrier didn't have to get out of his truck for that they would suspend service...took forever to get ahold of my realtor....THEN the big one. All utilities are included in our rent. I got a notice from the electric company that the electric was getting shut off in a week because of a deliquent bill....I called my realtors' cell, and work number and emailed her fora WEEK...she NEVEr called me back. On the day it was supposed to go off, she emailed me...Oh sorry I was out of town.ummmm called the cell phone! SO what if that happens again or hte water heater goes out etc when it is -40, and my husband is deployed and it's just me and my daughter? UGH!

Well housing called my husband, but we have been playing phone tag. There is a bunch of new housing on post that just got finished, I was hoping that was what the call was about.

SO we are already totally unpacked...would have to move again. Post housing isn't as "homey" as ths house, nor does it have the room that we have now. But it is in a crappy location. And housing on post is all BRAND NEW and RELIABLE when something BIG needs fixing. I loved living on post at Ft. Leonard Wood. My husband and I are torn...I told him we should look at the on post housing THEN make our decision. We have a 6 month lease, I was thinking we may be able to get out of it with this electric bill notice etc.

SO what would YOU do?????


05-11-2007, 05:23 AM
I'd move into gov't quarters and then nail the realtor through the Better Business Bureau, as well as put them on the housing office's black list of places NOT to rent from. They keep a list of private rental companies for those who want to live off post.

Take your complaints to housing as well, and they should be able to help you get out of the lease with the Military Clause. If the rental company stinks that bad, which it sounds like they do, housing should help you out if maintenance and things like that are in your lease.

Hope that helps!

05-18-2007, 10:41 PM
First of all, I would contact the realtor and advise them of what you plan on doing. I would advise them that they are not doing repairs in a timely manner, the repairs are faulty and that they are not keeping their end of the bargain. I would then ask to speak to who ever your leasing agent's supervisor is. After that I would ask if there is a parent company, if none then I would explain that you are contacting the BBB. If they don't care then forward them a copy of what you sent to the BBB.

After that, go to the housing office. They should have a liason there who can work with the realtor as well. If you explain that the situation is unsafe, etc which it sounds like it is they should be able to get you out of a contract without penalties. Also, MOST installations have a "rental black list" this list consists of rental companies or individuals that you shouldn't rent from due to issues like this. In a military town, its a big deal to get blacklisted by the troops on that installation, have them listed. Also take photos of the condition of the house as well as a written and well organized list of problems to the realtor's office and then take the same thing with you to the housing office.

Good Luck!