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  1. What were the best Movies that came out during COVID-19
  2. What is your favorite Series?
  3. Rachel Platten & Tim McGraw? Who do you love?
  4. Who's Your Celebrity Crush?
  5. What are you listening right now?
  6. Bachelor anyone?
  7. World best funny jokes - Read and laugh
  8. Favourite Books
  9. Books
  10. Retirement gift
  11. Is music getting worse or is it me?
  12. Book Suggestion
  13. What TV Shows for Kids do you like?
  14. Branden James
  15. What was the last movie that you watched?
  16. Who is your favorite superhero?
  17. What is your fav TV Show??
  18. Empire
  19. Who is your favorite Country Artist?
  20. What is your favorite band, music, or artist?
  21. what is your favorite Sad song?
  22. The Walking Dead Season 5
  23. What are you currently reading?
  24. Favorite New Show for the Fall
  25. The Energy Bus
  26. The Voice (Season 7 returns 9/22)
  27. Revenge
  28. Couster Strike 1.6
  29. How I Met Your Mother - Final Season
  30. Feb. 9th-Walking Dead
  31. American Idol... will be back
  32. Merry Christmas, ladies!
  33. A Fun Challenge. Are you up for it?
  34. Jungle Poppers
  35. The Conjuring is crazy scary!
  36. Any Supernatural fans here?
  37. Bates Motel
  38. The Voice Is Back
  39. Pretty Little Liars
  40. New Fall TV Shows
  41. Check out this new album!
  42. Candy Crush!!
  43. Sharknado
  44. Movies
  45. For All the Readers
  46. Parenthood
  47. Under the Dome new TV series
  48. Just took the kiddos to see Monster University 3D
  49. Devious Maids pilot episode online
  50. Movies
  51. Falling Skies anyone
  52. Favorite Actress
  53. Hubby and I just seen Star Treck Into the Darkness 3D
  54. Best Game
  55. Angry Birds
  56. God of War
  57. Fashion Star Finale.... and the winner is...
  58. The Vampire Diaries
  59. Never Ever Do This At Home - Discovery Channel
  60. Anyone watching Bates Motel
  61. Anyone else into Fashion Star?
  62. Almost Time for Once Upon A Time
  63. Parks & Rec?
  64. A list of your favourite actors/actresses #=]
  65. A list of your favourite actors/actresses #=]
  66. just watched Rise of the Guardians
  67. Chicago Fire?
  68. Anyone keeping up with Big Brother Canada?
  69. The Hangover Part III trailer
  70. Here Comes The Boom
  71. Anybody Watch Django
  72. we just watched Taken 2
  73. Impractical Jokers?
  74. Have you guys seen Lawless?
  75. hubby and I watched Looper last night
  76. Games
  77. Need help phone says out of memory
  78. What is your favorite YouTube video?
  79. anyone taking the kiddos to see monster university
  80. Anyone here watch Parenthood?
  81. panic 911
  82. Are you waiting for the Hobbit to come out?
  83. Wreck It Ralph!
  84. Dopplegangers
  85. Yuletide
  86. The Lake
  87. Wee hours
  88. Anyone else love Shark Tank?
  89. American Horror Story
  90. Home worker
  91. Peak
  92. 2012
  93. Good day
  94. Beholders eye
  95. Unwind
  96. Up
  97. We just watched Cabin in the woods
  98. Anyone watching the new show Revolution?
  99. hubby and I watched 21 Jump Street last night
  100. come on Chicago!
  101. Paul
  102. Honey Boo Boo
  103. Michael Clarke Duncan (from the Green Mile) passed away
  104. The great Escape
  105. Kids and I had a movie night The Lorax!
  106. I love this video "My Oh My" by Tristan Prettyman!
  107. I'm going to the JLO concert
  108. My favorite tv shows..does anyone else watch these?
  109. Bachelorette fans?
  110. Really funny batman video
  111. MTV Movie Awards 2012
  112. What does everyone think about the new movie Magic Mike?
  113. The Dresden Files (the book series)
  114. wow I like Justin Beiber
  115. Lost
  116. Team Jacob or Team Edward?
  117. Why Do Celebs Name Their Children Like They're Pets?
  118. Any Potter Fans Out There?
  119. Has anyone read Fifty Shades of Grey the trilogy?
  120. How do you feel about Twilight?
  121. Did anyone see Mermaids: The Body Found?
  122. Grimm anyone?
  123. are you watching the last House episode tonight
  124. i heart radio or pandora?
  125. What are your favorite movies (top 3)
  126. Elizabeth Shue in CSI
  127. Tonight's American Idol
  128. Multilingual ChildrenTV app for iPad makes language learning easy and fun
  129. I can’t get enough of Train’s new album “California 37!”
  130. how many episodes of House left?
  131. Anybody a fan of Grey's Anatomy???
  132. Total BlackOut
  133. o yea.. slow jamz
  134. TV The Client List
  135. TV Guilty pleasure?
  136. If you could travel back in time.
  137. any Deadliest Catch fans
  138. Do you watch the Doctors?
  139. does anyone like Rhiannas Birthday cake song
  140. this looks interesting
  141. Want a break from your kid’s music – download James Morrison’s “The Awakening”
  142. Want a break from your kid’s music – download James Morrison’s “The Awakening”
  143. Movie Misquotes: From Casablanca To Star Wars
  144. Is anyone else's kids impatiently awaiting The Hunger Games release?
  145. DWTS-best first night ever!
  146. Who loves this season of America's Next Top Model
  147. Watch the Dr. Oz show today!
  148. Lizard Lick Towing
  149. Dont miss Frozen Planet starts tonight on Discovery
  150. Ultimate Fighter Live starts tonight
  151. Prank my mom
  152. Hoarders
  153. Parking Wars
  154. Going to see George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic
  155. Smash on NBC
  156. UfC on Fox tonight for all you MMA fans
  157. Any Doctor Who fans?
  158. Hoarders
  159. Does anyone like Antiques Roadshow?
  160. tv......theres never anything on
  161. wipeout
  162. What to Expect When You're Expecting Trailer
  163. What is your favorite Reality show on TV?
  164. Ultimate Fighter Finale on tonight
  165. Mares vs Agbeko 2 Live
  166. the ultimate fighter 14 finale live streaming
  167. Anselmo Moreno vs Vic Darchinyan Live Streaming
  168. What have you watched recently?
  169. Big game hunting
  170. Just watched The Change up
  171. GNR Rocked the house down!
  172. do you like House?
  173. UFC free on Fox tonight!
  174. Any WWE Fans?
  175. Party Songs
  176. Any Daryl Hall fans? I am in love with his new album!
  177. what song is in your head right now
  178. How did your NFL team come out today?
  179. Does anyone watch Storage wars on
  180. I just watched
  181. Transformers
  182. Favorite Motivational Songs
  183. favorite Halloween cartoon
  184. Did your NFL team win today?
  185. The Break Up
  186. Bears lost today to the Packers!
  187. does anyone watch
  188. Modern Family premiere
  189. Are you going to watch the X Factor??
  190. Last Sad movie you saw that made you cry?
  191. whats your favorite love song?
  192. Rescue me Final Episode
  193. Chris Brown-What do you think of him???
  194. Songs with similar chord progressions
  195. Your perfect song
  196. Iron Butterfly live album question
  197. I saw the funniest movie last night
  198. James Franco on GH
  199. I saw the strangest movie last night
  200. A Child Called It
  201. A Million Little Pieces
  202. Pitbull- Give Me Everything
  203. The ONE Song
  204. Best Closing Track
  205. Music quotes
  206. Pick an album you feel is overrated and underrated from the last 5 decades
  207. help, Punk Song Mixtape
  208. help me with this song.....
  209. Does anyone recognise which book this is?
  210. Good love stories
  211. Finding Forrester
  212. Movies like Paranormal activity
  213. Stone Sour
  214. 10 Most Influential Metal Albums Of '00s.
  215. Inspirational Songs of God
  216. A Book Like The Sopranos
  217. Do you like The Three Musketeers?
  218. Movies: The Sting or The Hustler?
  219. Top 3 picks pending airing for the summer
  220. Songs being turned into screamo/metal/hardcore songs
  221. Melodic Hardcore?
  222. Damages
  223. Around the sixties
  224. Ironclad
  225. Unintentionally Funny Songs
  226. Top Bands That Became Famous Overnight
  227. Does The Rock And Roll Lifestyle Have To Go With A Professional Musician?
  228. Naruto's life is sad
  229. Senju and Uzumaki
  230. What are some books, tv shows, or movies (in order) that are about anti-heroines?
  231. Are there anyone here likes Mikhail Lermontov?
  232. Looking for this song!
  233. Desh Bhakti Songs
  234. Hangover 2 or BAd Teacher?
  235. Rescue Me
  236. Movies: The Sting or The Hustler?
  237. Name Your Favorite Top 10 Movies of the 1980s?
  238. Favorite metal bands?
  239. What do you think of the Black Eyed Peas?
  240. Disney Pixar Cars 2
  241. Cyberbully
  242. The First 48
  243. UFC Pat Barry vs Cheick Kongo fight
  244. Romeo & Juliet
  245. Dear Zachary, Appreciation
  246. Bridesmaids
  247. Young Legionnaire (Gordon Moakes/Paul Mullen/Will Bowerman)
  248. Rival Schools - Pedals
  249. Black Metal
  250. The Saturday Knights

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