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  3. Food Bars, weight loss and the Science
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  6. Payday already?
  7. Happy Monday - start of a great week!
  8. Significant reduction?
  9. It's Friday...and the weekend..
  10. Some ?'s....
  11. When you work from home you can be....
  12. Happy Independence Day - 4th of July!
  13. Cookie in back office!
  14. Have a Happy Monday!
  15. Fantastic Diet Cookie training document!
  16. Woo hoo Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup!
  17. Brownie bars=Yummy!
  18. Can I just say..
  19. hi, may I have more information?
  20. Revised Diet Cookie Update!
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  23. Diet Cookie Update
  24. Hubby just joined under NCMommie!
  25. Regeneration affiliate training call tonight!
  26. Congratulations to Herb F!
  27. another question...
  28. James Gandolfini died today and he's only 51
  29. Woo Hoo bonus time!
  30. My postcards arrived!
  31. Cindy, I hope the Colorado fires haven't reached your home!
  32. Great Conference call tonight - I didn't know this..
  33. Let's Have another Great Week!
  34. No Cravings!! Woooo Hoooo!!!
  35. To all Dads - Happy Father's Day!
  36. When you sign up as an affiliate to get the discount do you have to order every month
  37. Happy Friday :)
  38. Please list all the products you tried and what they are for
  39. Interested, but would like to try the bars and can't find nutritional info...
  40. Training call tonight!
  41. Welcome Alicia!
  42. OMG we had terrible storms
  43. Welcome to our team, Amy S.
  44. Congratulations Brenda
  45. Who else has tried the Jiaogulan Tea?
  46. 3 is the magic Number
  47. Repost -I lost 2 lbs. in 3 days just eating one natural food bar a day!
  48. New batch of Goji bars are amazing!
  49. New folder!