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Stormchaser 12-11-2005 06:15 PM

Hi. I'm Stormchaser and I'm new. I'm not in Ameriplan but have been
aware of it for some time but due to theater committments have held off
joining until now. I plan to join at the end of the month or the
beginning of January (yes, I have the team picked out and probably the

Who am I? Divorced Christian dad with 4 kids, none living with me.
Manager of a Christian singles site of approx. 1,000 members (I'd post
the link but am unsure if it is ok here). Some past MLM experience
without ever having amounted to much. Really involved with community
theater but now have the time to build a business if I don't mess
around too much.

I really like it that y'all have this nuts+bolts forum to discuss the
business without any particular team or individual dominating - just
friends trying to help each other. Great Stuff!

If I might, I would like to post a few questions that I have before I get started.

1. When you sign up clients for the plan, and if they already have
insurance, does the plan's providers still give the discount first, and
then bill the insurance co. (and you)? I.e. Is your final bill smaller
than it would have been with insurance-only?

2. Can a client drop the plan any time (say, with 30 days notice)?

3. I first found the website of an Ameriplan heavy-hitter. Since I saw
his site first, my inclination is to go with him. What I wonder about
is whether he will be interested in supporting me if I'm not in to a
total effort from the getgo. To explain futher, I work at UPS and can
actually leave early with a minimal pension, but the medical on it sux.
I'd actually be happy if AP brought in enough for me to cover medical
plus some extra to help with the pension.

I have no objection of making millions (lol) with AP but I'd be happy
with a LOT less. Would a heavy-hitter still be interested in such an
individual, or would it be better to search for some other sponsor
still a little hungry and willing to spend some time with me (as a
sponsor should, of course)?

Don't get me wrong, I'm building up a possible clientale list in my
mind right now and expect to make a strong start. Very possibly I'll
get excited and go crazy as some of you are, but what if I don't?

Ok, more questions later. Thanx.


rhondap 12-11-2005 06:30 PM

HiStorm and Welcome!

Have you spoken with this would be sponsor? or corresponded at all? If not I suggest you do, you need to feel comfortable working with them just as they need to feel comfortable working with you. Check out everything he/she and the team has to offer to aid in YOUR success. Your future depends on it.

Good luck!

Stormchaser 12-11-2005 06:47 PM

Not really. I emailed him about my interest two months or so ago and
indicated I probably would be interested in coming on board in January.
I heard nothing from him other than one email sent about a freebie
Broker's kit being given to two prospective brokers who sign up by Dec.
1st and then contact him to 'persuade' him we're worthy. That's it.

rhondap 12-11-2005 07:12 PM

Doesn't sound like that is off on the right foot to me.....Do you feel comfortable with that person at this point? Do you know what he/she is offering in the way of training, support, tools, help, time and effortetc? Once you enrollthat person IS your sponsor, there is no turning back so this is VERY important.You need to speak with him to get your answer to your 3rd question I'm not getting a good feeling but I could be wrong.

kiddosmom2005 12-11-2005 07:17 PM


Rhonda's advice is right on the money. Contact the would be sponsor and see if the two of you mesh. Make sure that you will get the support and training that will help you to build your business.

If you don't feel comfortable with that person talk with another, and another until you find the sponsor for you. Make a list of questions as if you were interviewing a potential employee. A sponsor is a mentor, but like a potential employee you need to know what you can expect from them.

Now your other questions. A member can cancel their benefits any time by contacting bank and credit card services either by mail or by emailing broker support.

It is up the the provider if they will accept both AmeriPlan and insurance. Some providers will only take one but in the case of those that will accept both, the member can in some cases, such as medical, contact their insurance agent for the forms and submit them for reimbursement less the AmeriPlan discount. What I mean is they pay the discounted price then submit the remainder to their insurance company for reimbursement of the portion that their insurance will cover.

Good luck in your broker search and in your business when you do start. You've already made a great start by coming here to find the answer to your questions.Edited by: kiddosmom2005

sandilierley 12-11-2005 07:26 PM

Hi Storm, welcome to the board.

I know what it's like to have a million questions, I think we all do, a lot of them will get answered here on the board by the time you sign up, if you do.

I have heard people ask about the providers using this card with insurance and my experience and what I have heard from others is "not at the same time", pharmacies are usually the same way, they will check to see which will give you the best deal, and you choose which one you want to use.

As far as picking a sponsor, I got a feeling while reading your post and answer that you are not too happy with the "heavy hitter response" already. Why don't you go with your gut on it.

Stormchaser 12-11-2005 07:35 PM

Thanks gals, I will take your advice.

Two other questions occured in the meantime...

1. Does the $60 off special this month apply to the more expensive broker's kit as well as the $99 one?

2. Do y'all use virtual offices, or just be happy with an 800#? It
seems to me a virtual office would be more handy for this business,
what with the extras over and above the 800# available.

rhondap 12-11-2005 07:50 PM

Answer to #1 - The kits this month are $35 and $235.


Stormchaser 12-11-2005 07:51 PM


Originally Posted by sandilierley

Hi Storm, welcome to the board.

As far as picking a sponsor, I got a feeling while reading your
post and answer that you are not too happy with the "heavy hitter
response" already. Why don't you go with your gut on it.

True enough, though he seems to have a good track record of helping
people. I don't know, can a person get too big in a business? I guess I
expected a personal email response to my original email, not a come-on
to motivate me to join a month early. Yet I could see how if you get
big enough, with so many people contacting you, that you might not want
to spend time with someone who has admitted they are not ready to come
on board yet.

My 'gut' feeling on such a person, though, is that he doesn't need me
and I don't need him. I'm even disinclined to contact him further, to
tell the truth. I do have someone else in mind so I might go that route.

At any rate, I do not wish to further bother this board with my wailing, and I AM very happy to have found y'all [img]smileys/smiley17.gif[/img]

kiddosmom2005 12-11-2005 07:53 PM

Yes the $60 off applies to both the basic kit and the app which is $235 this month.

As for the virtual office, it's up to the individual and what type of promoting they will be doing. Some go with simpleasabc, other aPlan and still others use autoresponsers and purchase larger quantities of leads for use with email campaigns. There are quite a few of us who don't have an 800# either. So, like I said, it's up to the individual and how the map out their business.Edited by: kiddosmom2005

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