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SF Mary 05-14-2020 08:31 PM

I woke up to 16 new pre-enrollees for my business. I can help you duplicate - MDC
We are all in this together, right? That is becoming a pretty standard phrase these days. We are all affected differently, but certainly we are ALL affected.

I am a mom of three kids so homeschooling has become a part of my new normal. So now adding on to my regular mom duties, I have also become the teacher, the cafeteria lady, the recess monitor, the after school program director, the coach, the referee, and must recently the barber!

I wake up before they do, exercise, meditate, and then get ready for the school day. I am focused on helping them stay on track with school work until about 3pm. Then I have a moment to get a bit of work done (send emails, make a video) and then I start dinner.

The point with sharing that is that I realize that time is valuable and we don't have a lot of it. But even with that crazy schedule I managed to wake up today to 16 people pre-enrolling in my business. The other day it was 19, and 25 a few days before that.

I am not talking about a get rich quick scheme, I am talking about making consistent long term effort which will lead me to the life my family deserves.

You can do this too. My team leaders have both made millions in the network marketing and digital marketing arenas and they are now dedicated to leading our team through their same duplicatable process so that we can achieve the same results.

Work at home, set your hours, and enjoy the life you have always wanted. Take the steps on this page and you will learn about our team. Step 1 is taking a free position on the team and it takes only seconds.

Your partner in success,


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