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KassieI 04-05-2015 08:00 AM

Ignite Stream Energy- April is a Great month to Save!
I'll start by saying I've literally watched my high school friend and neighbor work her Stream energy business over the last 18 months. Before deciding to take the leap into freedom.

What you're doing is helping other's save money on their energy costs and cell phone along with yourself! If you become an associate you can sign up for savings under yourself! Also you have the chance to build a downline and earn free energy FOR LIFE! My friend has already reached that. Can you even begin to imagine how much money we'd save without an energy or cell phone bill??!!

Paid weekly via direct deposit and if you have friends/family who just want to be a customer and save money that's wonderful! That's FREE for them and you still get credit! It takes minutes for them to sign up.

Check out April's Promotion for new associates and set yourself free! I'm so excited I'm already starting saving on my electric bill.

Stream Energy has an amazing April Promotion. Message me and I'd be happy to share the details of the promotion with you! :)

My personal website: Our team is VERY close and works to help grown everyone else's downline as well. This is such a great opportunity don't let it pass you by! www.Kirwin.mystream.com/

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