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jennifer22109 03-11-2011 09:31 AM

Get Paid to Save and Share! Free to Join -TCA
I have come across a very exciting and 100% legitimate way to make some extra money and as much or as little as you put the effort into it. There is a new website (still in testing phase, but going live soon) and they are looking to bring in more members before they go live. This company is a great new coupon network company, a mix between social networking and marketing. They truly have a step up on Groupon. You get 5% commission on all purchases from personal referrals up to 5 tiers down. TCA is by invitation only (they have to track who signed up who so they can pay commissions).

I am inviting you to join. It is completed FREE to sign up. There is zero risk and massive upside potential. There is absolutely NO selling involved. You simply get commission off of any purchases from those whom you have referred to the site or 2% on any vouchers if you bring in a business referral. Let me know if you are interested and I can definitely provide further information and help you get signed up and bring referrals of your own! It has potential to bring in as much or as little as you put into it but would definitely be another great egg in your basket so to speak!

I've been freelancing for over a year and I'm not interested in scams or ridiculous "get rich quick" schemes. This is worth checking out and I'd be happy to provide more details.

PM me if you are interested and I'll walk you through it!

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