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sherry5225 08-28-2008 03:30 PM

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Do you know anyone who is planning to take a cruise this year?

Do you know anyone who may need a hotel or motel sometime this year?

Do you know anyone who is planning a vacation this year?

Do you know anyone who wants to take their family to Disney World this year?

Do you know anyone who likes to take vacations, who already takes vacations, or who would like to take more vacations?

If your answer is yes to any of these -- then let me ask you this?

How would you like to get paid hefty commissions on all that travel?

If you have trouble with recruiting, I can assure you will not have trouble finding travel bookings!

experience -- I spent 3 weeks pre-building and nearly a month promoting
my business before I recruited my first two business builders.


sent out one ad on Craigslist about cruises -- and I received a cruise
booking the very next day on my website! Commission earned -- $80 (it
was one of those short cruises for 2 people, my commission was approx
10% of the base fare.)

My mother booked her motel in San Antonio -- my comission $40 (again 10 percent).

My husband and I took a trip to Cancun - and again, the hotel comission back to me is close to $100.

YOU CAN DO THIS!! It is the simplest biz ever!

have agents who simply take out flyers once a month to area banks,
doctors offices, businesses, etc. -- and they get travel bookings (and
new agent signups) from this regularly!!


Our Team has a SUPER SPECIAL and You are About to MISS It!

JOIN OUR TEAM THROUGH this weekend -- and receive ALL THESE BONUSES!!

Start up as a Referring Travel Consultant and recieve a $40 rebate --
Join our team for ONLY $79.95 cost! (as opposed to the regular start
cost of $199.95)

--Free Solo ads directed to your web-site (worth $65)

training in an absolutely guaranteed to produce results online
marketing system
(our system actually guarantees your signups!)

--Free team marketing/lead capture system!

--Upline leaders will follow up and close all your serious prospects for you!

Please PM me for details...

OR complete the form here
<a href="http://www.travelsuccessteam.com/" target="_blank">

Also Visit My Squidoo Blog to Learn More about what Traverus Means to Me Personally!!


Contact Me Right Away!!

Sherry :-) :-)</font>

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