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Co-OpWorld 07-23-2007 09:48 AM

Co-OpWorld ! Universal Free Monthly Profit-Sharing Project 2007

Co-OpWorld is Officially LAUNCHING from JUNE 2007 to October 2007 and At Last the Profit-Sharing is Starting !

What is Co-OpWorld ?

Co-OpWorld is a New 2003 Co-operative Community Operating in the " LOCAL and GLOBAL Internet SEARCH and PROMOTION " Sector , Utilizing Advanced and Ingenious Systems and Technologies .
Co-OpWorld is going to introduce an Innovative , extraordinary , ingenious , Solid SEARCH and PROMOTING System that will by far improve the current traditional existing ones.
The new Co-OpWorld SEARCH and PROMOTING System will decrease the distance between the user and promoter letting anyone find or promote Locally and Globally as never before with extreme semplicity and efficacy.
Please note that one of the several Special Search Functions implemented on each Co-OpWorld Site is made in collaboration with Google.


The Marketing Plan

We wish to remark the concept that Co-OpWorld is NOT a Multilevel Program or a Piramidal scheme.
On the contrary Co-OpWorld is a Cooperative Based Project that Redistributes back to members 80% of the whole Revenues coming from the Services / Products Offered and before mentioned.
See the Profit-Sharing below....

What Co-OpWorld is Offering

We are currently offering Anyone in the World these TWO greedy Chances :

1) Monthly Profit-Sharing JUST for FREE Registrations

2) Sized Web-Based Geographical INVESTING in Our Exclusive and 100% Innovative LOCAL / GLOBAL WORLDS and WORLDS OF INTEREST , that is to say FEATURES without COMPETITORS in the Van !


Register FREE Immediately and Secure Your partecipation in the FREE Monthly Profit-Sharing !

. . . . . . see Bill-Book on site.

Co-OpWorld Book
A complete 33 chapters Book describing the Co-OpWorld Project will be available and sold shortly ! Matter of Days.


Each Month 80 % of what is left from the Community Revenue after paying expenses will be distributed IN BONUS PAYMENTS to MEMBERS.

The 80% distribution is placed into a Bonus Pool which is split FIVE (5) ways.

5% FREE - General members !
This will allow us to say when we become profitable, that you EARN , EVERYtime, EVERYone in the community purchases commissionable products.

50% Active members ( FREE members who log in the members area, help the community with inputs and alternative contributes etc. )
30% Founders
10% Charities voted by the members
5% Investors and key senior managment

Please focalize the attention to the profit distribution and you'll see that FREE and ACTIVE ( that are also free ) members partecipate to the profit -sharing with good returns.

ADDITIONALLY ! You may Get Higher Returns even from :

- Our Free Affiliate Program just investing your spare Time

- Investing in Renting , Managing and Reselling Our Local/Global Worlds as well as Our World of Interests.The Early Stages of the Program allow very Small Investments getting Big Incomes FOREVER ! See on Site the Details.

Go now !

Register FREE !

Secure your chunk of the Pie !

Co-OpWorld is the Real Business of the near future !



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