Virtual Bookkeeper (BL)

  • Learn to be a Bookkeeper and Be Your Own Boss!

    Even if you have no prior bookkeeping experience!

    I did just that and now own a virtual bookkeeping business that I alone operate

    Join our community of over 8,000 bookkeeping business owners who are WORKING FROM HOME using cloud accounting software, getting real clients and can work from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

    Free class to start your training!

    Easy-to-learn format with complete steps on:

    - Bookkeeping Foundations including practical hands-on exercises on what T accounts, debits and credits, and Chart of Accounts are (and way better than any college accounting class you've EVER taken)

    - QuickBooks Online hands-on practice and quizzes

    - Unlimited email support and two weekly live Q&A webinars for questions every step of the way

    - How to marketing including building your website, email marketing, networking, social media marketing and other ways to find clients

    - Templates for proposals, contracts and other forms to run your business.

    - Complete how to sales process from finding clients to closing a contract

    - Pricing guides and instructions for value pricing that you get paid every month upfront for

    - Lifetime access to all materials and free upgrades

    - Certificate of Completion badge to display on your website and social media

    What this program isn't:

    - Not an MLM of ANY kind
    - Not working for someone else
    - Not a get rich quick scheme (it's a lot of work but well worth it)
    - Not for lazy people who think just being a part of it will bring them cash
    - Not for the faint of heart

    I'd be happy to answer any questions as I am a lifetime student and graduate and built my growing business with the knowledge in this program and the support of the community.

    Please message me if you would like more information or have questions. To get instant info, click on the links in my signature.

    Come join us and be the CEO of your own company!


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