Let 2022 Be There Year Things Fell Into Place For You - MFC

  • Start 2022 off by getting your life on track - the track you really want to be on.

    Get rid of baggage that is weighing you down.
    Smash your self doubt and limiting beliefs.
    Build confidence.
    Build success habits.
    Create a plan.
    Set goals.
    Connect with others on the same journey.
    Live a life you love!

    If you feel stuck in any way, this course and group is for you.
    If you want support and connection from other women on the same journey, this course and group is for you.
    If your life is not what you imagined it would be and you are ready to hit the reset button, this course and group is for you.

    See the link for details including schedule and pricing.

    The first group session is on Wednesday, January 19th at 6pm PST for 90 minutes and every Wednesday after that for 12 weeks.

    Your life will look different.
    How do you want it to look?
    You get to decide.
    You get to write your own story.

    Seats are limited - only 12 available.
    Sign ups close on Friday, January 14th.



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