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  • Do you know what ketosis is? It happens when, through a strict diet, your body produces more ketones and you burn fat rapidly. Many low carb strict diets are trying to achieve that, but are very difficult to follow.

    This is where PruVit comes in! Within an hour after taking it your body will produce ketones (you can see the results with a urine strip test). This product was developed by the Navy when looking for away to keep their divers from having brain seizures (your brain can't seize when in a state of ketosis according to some experts). PruVit discovered how to produce the same results and make it affordable to the public.

    Expect: rapid weight loss (up to a pound a day), increased energy, improved mental clarity and much more! The fitness community is raving about it and the Charger's coaches and team are all using it!

    PruVit isn't even in pre-launch yet and this is your opportunity to get in now, save money, and begin your own weight loss journey as soon as your shipment comes in!

    In order to join PruVit this early on you need a personal invitation-please contact me for more information.

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