ZLicense: A Business That Save Lives

  • 98% of people cannot provide fast, accurate
    medical information needed by First Responders
    to provide the best care possible?

    Police Officers, Paramedics and Firefighters
    are trained to look for a personís identification
    in an emergency.

    Our Zlicense product is the only way to be
    100% sure the information needed can be
    found and accessed in an emergency!

    A Zlicense Medical Sleeve is a clear protective
    sleeve that turns the typical Driverís License
    or Identification into a life SAVING tool.
    There is a QR Code and 10-digit alphanumeric
    number on the sleeve that allows First Responders
    to quickly access information such as blood type,
    allergies, medication, emergency contacts,
    medical history. -> Information that could save their life.

    Itís really not a matter of If your supporters will
    ever need the information they store in their
    Zlicense file; itís only a matter of When.



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