My Kids Make Money Online Too - So Proud (KE) (PP)

  • So the summertime is almost over for the kids and it's nearing that first day of school, but for some of us there are still a few weeks remaining that the kids are just bored out of their minds. Yes, they could go outside and play. They could even stay inside in the air conditioning and play video games and/or the MANY other electronic methods of entertainment that they have nowadays. Technology is bursting with new and innovative finds and the internet is no exception to this. There are all sorts of shopping, games, books, and other information available to both adults and kids alike. But is there a way for kids to make money, AND even better, online?

    There are many ways for kids to earn their own. Of course they can sell things, babysit, and even do chores such as mowing lawn just to name a few. But one with the growing and ever-changing world of technology, kids are even able to make their own money right from the comfort of their own homes AND they can have fun while doing it!

    There are many places online that cater more to kids and families, but I wanted to share with you a couple of places that I have experience with myself for my own kids. There are many ways for kids to earn their own money, but these are a couple of ways that I have experienced myself with my kids and wanted to share with you. They are very easy to get started right away. I hope your kids enjoy the experience of earning their own money and feel proud of the job they have done as mine do.

    Thanks for reading and be sure to CLICK HERE to learn more. (KE) (PP)


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