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  • Shop with ME for ALL OF YOUR SCENTED NEEDS! SoyL Scents Soy Wonderful! We are not just a group of Independent Consultants, at SoyL Scents we are FAMILY! We support, encourage and praise each other. We don't compete against each other, but help one another to be successful by sharing our ideas. This is why over 300 people have joined SoyL Scents within the last week and you will want to join too. Not only are we family but we have quality, eco-friendly products with long lasting scents and with FIVE collections and over 50 scents you will find something to satisfy your senses and be glad you joined! We have soaps, tarts, full-size and plug-in melters. Always FREE to Join! No monthly fees, minimums or quotas EVER! SoyL Scents. Once you experience our HEAVENLY scents, you'll be HOOKED! Rings hidden under the lid, NOT in the wax, no digging, no waiting, no mess! Choose MEN'S OR Ladies’ ring and choose the size YOU want!


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