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Old 10-06-2009, 09:48 AM
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Talking Look At Everything You Get With "TWR" Set To Launch In 14 Hours!

I would like to invite you into something that can change your financial future forever, as it already has for so many others. It is called Teamwork Revolution Power System. It has designed to be mathematically superior to every home-based business or matrix program that has ever been created, or ever could be created, and I would like to invite you to join me in this history making opportunity, as what has been done by this company has never been done before.

In virtually every way, this program is mathematically unbeatable. It allows all members to break even and recoup their monthly membership fee WITH ONLY TWO REFERRALS (which is mathematically unbeatable), provides the fastest spillover rate mathematically possible, has a payout percentage of 96.8%, and allows all members to earn an average of 450% more money than the owner of the company.

It is a 2x8 forced matrix with a monthly membership fee of $29.95 that pays out 96.8% in the following format:

Level 1: 2 people x $15 = $30 (Already in profit with only 2 referrals)
Level 2: 4 people x $1
Level 3: 8 people x $1
Level 4: 16 people x $1
Level 5: 32 people x $1
Level 6: 64 people x $1
Level 7: 128 people x $1
Level 8: 256 people x $8
Total monthly income = $2,330 with only 510 people in your downline

Compare this to other popular programs that require more than twice as many downline members to earn less money, require far more people to break even and recoup your monthly membership fee, and provide much slower spillover rates.

As you can see, with this system you are provided with a mathematically impossible to beat rate of spillover, a mathematically impossible to beat "break even" point, an industry leading and virtually unbeatable 96.8% payout, the ability to earn $2,330 with only 510 people in your downline, which you'll achieve at the fastest rate possible due to the mathematically unbeatable spillover rate, while earning an average of $4.50 per downline member, which is more than 450% more money per person than the owner of the company makes.

I don't think I need to explain to you how revolutionary and unprecedented this is. This is something that has never existed in the MLM and affiliate marketing world before, and in all honesty, can't be beaten, therefore making it impossible to happen again.

This is what the multi-level marketing and home-based business industry has always claimed to be, but has never delivered upon. It's about serving YOU....not the owner of the company. I invite you to accept my private invitation and get in on this explosive business that is taking the world by storm as soon as possible.

For more information, please just click on the link below.
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

Please take a look at the company's very impressive list of products and services that you will receive:

1. Professional Web Hosting with UNLIMITTED Web Space

Host Unlimited Websites With Unlimited Domains and Unlimited web space.

We provide :
Easy 3-Click-Install Professional Blog Hosting (Wordpress available).
Easy 3-Click-Install For Professional Content Management System (Joomla available).
Easy 3-Click-Install For Professional Forum Hosting (phpBB available).
Easy 3-Click-Install For Professional Classifieds Script. Run your own Craigslist!

Free Easy SiteBuilder for custom web design and development.
Unlimited MySQL Databases.
Unlimited Web Space.
Unlimited Personalized Email Addresses connected to your website .
Unlimited Domains and/or subdomains.
Unlimited FTP Accounts.

2. Web Hosting Reselling.

With our professional VPS Hosting, you are able to start your very own web hosting business with our reseller program. Apart from our affiliate program (where you get paid a fixed commission for introducing our products to other customers), you are now also able to become a reseller, where you will have your own web hosting company with your own brand! You can set your own price and customized service as you wish. Plus, we will provide extra technical assistance for you as well.

Some highlights of what you will receive as a reseller:
- Your own Web Hosting Manager (WHM) - To set a customized hosting package for your customers, and to manage all the hosting aspects of all your customers.
- cPanel - That your customers will be able to use to manage the web hosting service you provide.
- Sitebuilder - Where your customers can easily create and build websites without being tech savvy.
- Fantastico Deluxe - Where your customers can perform Easy 3-Click-Installations of enterprise grade popular web scripts (for example: Wordpress for professional blogging, and Joomla for professional Content Management System).

3. Personal auto-responders for members to use as they wish.

You may have heard the term "the money is in the list," referring to email lists. Well it is, but traditionally, you would need to purchase an auto-responder system separately to be able to efficiently stay in touch with your email lists. Teamwork Revolution Power System includes a personalized auto-responder free of charge.

Auto-responder features:
- Automated email sequences that will be sent out as you personally schedule it.
- Mass email your opt-in contacts for news or announcements.
- Easy integration to capture-pages.

4. Pre-made capture pages.

It has been proven through research, and is well known among all top Internet marketers, that obtaining a prospect's email address through a capture page and keeping in touch in with them (such as through the auto-responder provided by TWRPS) can boost your productivity by up to 66%.

Capture pages are important to initiate desire and anticipation of prospects
who can opt-in to our company auto-responder (explained below) for more information and be added to your auto-responder list as well. The second you sign-up as a Teamwork Revolution Power System affiliate, your personalized capture pages will be automatically created on the fly. Branding yourself is an integral part of marketing, and with our service, this is done instantly, saving you time and effort. Your marketing can be executed immediately.

Your pre-made capture pages will include:
- Your name, contact info, photo (if desired), and even a personal video that is embedded automatically (again, if desired).
- Content that blends with James Al-Oboudi's sales copy that will optimize conversion rates and opt-in rates.
- Continuous automated email marketing sequences through our company auto-responder, sending targeted promotional emails to your prospects to assist you in recruiting them. Every email address "captured" though your pre-made capture pages will be entered into our system, added to our company's auto-responder list, and be sent a series of pre-written emails to greatly enhance your marketing efforts and fill your downline as quickly as possible.
- The ability to 'remember' you as your prospect's sponsor for 90 full days. You will still receive a commission even
if the prospect signs-up as an affiliate 90 days after first visiting your capture page, as your information will be stored as that prospect's sponsor.

5. Ability to create your own capture pages.

With our easy to use sitebuilder, you can create your own capture pages that can be integrated with your own personal auto-responder, included at no extra charge.

Alternatively, you will be able to choose from our wide variety of tested 'high conversion rate' capture-page designs to create them almost instantly.

6. Company Auto-responder.

As explained above, every single email address "captured" by your capture pages (whether using the pre-made capture pages, or your own personally designed capture pages) will be entered into our company auto-responder list. From that point on, your prospects will begin receiving a series of promotional emails, pre-written by James Al-Oboudi, inviting them to become members of Teamwork Revolution Power System. This is an extremely valuable service for those who simply don't have the time to market or stay in touch with their prospects in an effort to recruit them. The lack of continual contact with prospects can lead to a dramatically decreased productivity rate, which makes this service indispensable. With the combination of our pre-made capture pages, company auto-responder, and home landing page, 90% of your job as a marketer is done for you by us.

7. Online conference rooms.

Experienced marketers fully understand that keeping in touch with your downline is crucial to maintaining success as an affiliate marketer. To help you do this, we provide you with access to our online conference rooms in which you can provide a virtual meeting ground for your entire downline to converse with each other in an attempt to build greater team unity and support.

Furthermore, you can conduct webinars (online training seminars) through our conference rooms, allowing you to personally train your downline members in a manner where they can see, hear, and interact with you. This is a tremendous tool to greatly assist you in building a strong downline of powerful Internet marketers.

Likewise, you can use our conference rooms to hold online meetings for anything you desire, such as "meet and greet" seminars in which all of your downline's new prospects can come to be educated about Teamwork Revolution Power System on a much more personal level. Imagine how much your conversion rates will rise when your prospects see and hear an entire team of people welcoming them and teaching them in detail how they can financially prosper with your team.

8. James Al-Oboudi's 24 page marketing e-book.

For more information just click here:
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

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