Why Join Freebie Force? Answers from my heart !

  • Why join Freebie Force?

    I have tried MANY MANYprograms... I know in my gut that THIS is the one that is going to be the answer for not only me, but MANY MANY thousands of others!
    I absolutely LOVE it. I'll try to explain why, below.
    I joined the second week in Feb. and it launched the last week of Jan.
    Briefly, if you follow the links at my site --EZFreebieForce.com-- especially to my blog, you pretty much will learn everything there is to know... or simply watch theshort movie on my site, alone....
    One of the best things is that this is SO SIMPLE, and FUN, and AFFORDABLE -- and the freebies really do include some really high value offers without having to jump through any hoops to get them.

    The comp plan isVERY simple, and I've already started to receive spillover (when the30-minute infomercials launch, it's going to be MASSIVE).

    Basically, you know that you'll earn at least $1/month for every person below you in your matrix, no matter how they got there...

    Plus, they are creating an advertising revenue sharing pool and we will earn shares of that based on our numbers of personally enrolled members. The advertising revenue will come from our own FFtoolbar for members and prospects with a Google search (plus Adsense ads on our official company blog). FF will get 30 cents for every search done on Google and then they will split the advertising revenue with the FF members... this will add up to a substantial income as well, possibly even more than the $1 per person, per month.

    Otherwise, you canEARN on your first TWO FULL LEVELS without personally sponsoring ANYONE -- that would be a $20 profit per month on that alone (plus the value of the freebies).
    To earn on all 7 of your levels, youONLY have to personally sponsor 3 people... very very doable! They pay twice a month,on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays.
    MANY people in programs likeMPM and Big Crumbsare joining, because FreebieForce is nota conflict in any way... people who love rebates and great dealsALSO love freebies, and the chance to earn money a little faster while also building programs like MPM or BC. So one can also offer a free program such as those (or any other free program, probably)to everyonethey sponsor into FF, because it's a natural fit.
    Or, even if you market another program that is more expensive, if someone turns you down because it is too expensive for them at this time,you could offer themFreebie Force -- and if they join that, you can develop a relationship with them through FF.When they are making enoughmoney with Freebie Force, they may become more interested in at least becoming your customer, or evenbecoming abusiness builder, in that one, too.

    We also have an AWESOME Freebie Force team and upline support -- this week our amazing team site by my upline is in beta testing, it even includes our own forum.... we have a fast start manual, sample flyers and emails and banners, audios, and much more --and we'll be adding more all the time!

    I could go on and on, but it's all REALLY REALLY good... I LOVE IT!

    I hope you'll check it out, too,and join our team!

    ~ Laurie

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