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Help me...please....

I have my first project and I got it, from all places, the law firm where I work! I have to transcribe 3 a/h of a court hearing by tomorrow morning. These are .wav files. I can't get Express Scribe to play them; I keep getting "codec" errors. (Yes, I checked/unchecked the .wav setting). I've done a topic search here and read about JoanC's difficulties earlier this month with the very same issue, but there was no resolution posted. I have now purchased SmartWAVConverter Pro (on sale for $20 until Thursday!), but it says that it cannot convert the .wav files to mp3s or any other formats. Does anyone have ANY ideas? I am afraid that I will be forced to play the audio in FTR, which will involve playing a few seconds, pausing, typing, unpausing, etc. OMG, it will be a long long night if I have to do that.

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