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I wanted to just jump in here and say that I also don’t like the way that things have been going around there. I am going to try and get the rest of my 15 articles in for the month and then I don’t know how much more I will use them.
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The only editor I have luck is with Leah (Ann also mentioned her above). She used to be the editor for the parenting section. I love to write parenting articles, so it worked out great. A few days ago I went and submitted a parenting article and I saw that she wasn’t the editor assigned anymore. I am assuming that the editor is new because I have only seen the name once before and it wasn’t good. That one only offered me an article for $4.

I am one of those writers who regularly gets more than $10 an article. My average tends to be $12-15. Once in a while I will get a little bit lower or even a little bit more. $4 was a low blow. I decided not to accept the offer and I am just writing “easy articles” just to make it to my other 15.

I am lucky though because my other projects are starting to pick back up. So I won’t have to rely on Associated Content. I usually only use them when I need extra money or when I don’t have any work going on.
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