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I buy and sell on ebay. Probably buy more. I would NEVER pay $1.00 for a pair of gloves and an additional $8.00 for shipping. When I bid on an item I look at the whole picture. Meaning, price of the item and how much the shipping will cost. Since I sell on ebay I pretty much have a general idea of what shipping charges are and when I see an inflated shipping charge it turns me off and I pretty much move on to someone else's item.

Now, I do know people say they charge a shipping and HANDLING fee and that is okay for certain items that require careful packing such fine china, glassware and other breakable items. But if someone wants to charge me a handeling fee to stick a pair of pants in a free priority mail box, "forget about it". I'll bid on someone else's auction.

Goodluck with finding a drop shipper, I am sure there are some good ones out there.
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