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I just signed up with a drop shipper recommended on this board.
I'd like to know if this seems high to you. The prices of the
good seem very good, but the postage seems crazy! I can live with
the $2.00 - $3.50 drop shipper service, but I think they're trying to
make out on the postage.

The drop shipper explained it to me that they try to sell things in
bundles and then you make out okay on the postage, but I don't want to
do bundles. I want someone to make a purchase and I put the order
it. Here are some examples: item, postage, drop
ship fee ...

Socks: 3.55, 6.50, 2.00

First Aid Kit: 10.07, 8.74, 2.00

Garden gloves: 1.00, 8.00, 2.00

Who's going to buy $1 gloves and pay $10 in shipping?

Thanks for any replies and words of wisdom!

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