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Originally Posted by Diamond500 View Post
I have worked for part time clicks for a few years now. They recently raised the price pe task to 50 cents. However, there doesn't seem to be as many tasks after they raised the price per task. Hopefully, they will try to get more work for all of us that work for them. It's an easy job for extra cash and I enjoy it when there is work to do.
Yes, I enjoy doing it as well. It's very easy work. And even though they don't send out a lot, for me every little bit helps. I probably make about $5 a week, but hey it helps with gas.

I had actually stopped doing it for a while and had forgotten about it. And about a month or so ago Mike contacted me. And he asked me to start doing the searches again. So, I figured why not.

They pay on time every week as well, as long as you have done some searches the week before. Wish I could find more easy work like this, but of course something with more volumes of work.

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