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Originally Posted by Gretchen Wall-Franklin View Post
Smdh! This is generic *** response I received when inquiring about payment.

Resolved : Payments are scheduled twice per month on the 2nd and the 16th and can take up to 10 days to process. US workers must have a balance of $30 or more in order to receive a payout. Non-US workers must have a balance of $10 in order to receive a payout. If your account contains less than $30 or $10 respectively on the payout date, you will not receive a payout for that payout period. The payment is a total of all the payouts you have made in the previous two weeks. If you ever choose to leave the program, your account will be paid in full, even if it contains less than your required threshold. If you have not received a payment that was scheduled, it is probably because you havenít claimed it on a certain time. Once a payment has been made available to you, you should receive an email from Dwolla or PayPal to sign up for an account (if you have not already done so) and retrieve your payment. You must use the same email address with Dwolla or PayPal as you use to sign in to The Smart Crowd or your payment will not reach you. For help with setting up your Dwolla account, please contact Dwolla Support. For help with setting up your PayPal account, please contact PayPal Support.
And that is crazy for them to send a canned response with outdated information, as they seem to no longer send emails when payments are made. And they pay us to our bank accounts through Dwolla's new platform. We don't have to log into Dwolla to claim or request payments anymore. I think there is a malfunction with the way payments are being done now. Hope they resolve it soon and people get paid and their correct amounts.
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