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I agree with Linda on many points, but I think the BEST motivator and driver is belief and passion about the product you're representing.

A very close second is the team environment (your leaders / corporate culture etc).

Lastly is the software / training / tools.

If you LOVE the products, you'll never feel ashamed, scared or nervous to share them. Excitement is contagious. If you're excited about your products or services you offer, you'll never have a lack of customers or new members joining your sales team.

I've been involved with some products and services that were "meh...", and sharing them always felt like a chore, if I can't buy into the brand, how am I supposed to convince others to as well? You can't. So finding a product or service you love is KEY to laying the groundwork for your success.

The only time I care about software is to automate, if it saves me time, I'll buy it. Time is the only resource we can never get more of, so if I can leverage my time by buying a $30 or $40 a month piece of software, I will (unless I can get it free!).

I think if you wipe away all the other aspects (leaders, comp plan, software, etc) and just look at the products on their own - your success lies in whether or not you REALLY love the products or not.

I know mine is!

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