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I live 3 hours away from Denver (where I grew up) because the rent is cheaper and with my business I can work anywhere there is reliable and fast Internet.

The downside is shopping choices.

For my son's back-to-school, we made a trip to Denver like we often do for that to get him clothes and shoes. He wears a men's size 15 shoe which you can only find at big and tall men's shops that often he doesn't like the styles so I often order his big shoes from a website called which has shoes in name brands like Nike and New Balance up to size 18. They usually have coupons for 15% off which pays for the shipping.

I have my cat eating Royal Canin food which isn't sold at the Wal-Mart that is somewhat near me so I order it from Petco repeat delivery which has free shipping.

I just ordered a 10-speed bike for my son who is 6'5" on eBay because had the frame size of 62 cm that would fit him and no one else did.

So sometimes I order online for convenience, other times it is for necessity, but mostly so I am not driving for hours. I have not ordered food online except for receiving a box of Omaha Steaks as a gift once. I want to try those new chef meal order kits sometime but haven't crossed that bridge yet.
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