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Originally Posted by emily_griffin View Post
What is the best exercise to lose belly fat faster?

Exercise for an hour can really help you lose belly fat faster but you also must have a strict diet as well. I have enlisted the best exercise routines that you can do so you can reduce your belly fat faster than you thought it would take.

1.) Crunches
2.) Bicycle Exercise
3.) Lunge Twist
4.) Rolling Plank Exercise
5.) The Stomach Vacuum
6.) Captain's Chair
7.) Bending Side to Side
8.) Walking
9.) Running
10.) Jogging
11.) Swimming
12.) Ask help from a fitness coach

The last one is the best advice because having a fitness coach will really help you in terms of fitness advice and will be held accountable for your fitness goals.

I hope that helped you. Please visit my blog site for more health tips:
I never heard of the The Stomach Vacuum. What is it?
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