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I completely agree with the idea that Affiliate arketing is one of the best way to begin to make some money from home even if you have no experience at all.
There are effectively some good books on the subject at low price,beginning at $20.
In these books you receive so valuable information that you could get from a more expensive training.
But education without action is a nonsense.
You have to work hard if you want to have some results.
When I am saying "working hard I mean spend almost one or two hours "every day".
And be prepared to wait a few weeks or months to get some enjoyable results.
If you have some money to invest,you should consider to sign up for a course that teach you all the things you have to know to break heaven when doing Affiliate Marketing.
This type of course comes in generally with some support to help you along your way to help you with technical issues and to review your homework ang tell you if what you are doing is great or if you need to make some adjustments.
If you choose this way you will have to consider it more like a real Job than a Hobby helping you to make a few bucks a week.
And if you make it a serious Job,with lots of time and efforts you could even consider to quit your Boss and really work from home and take more time with your familly.
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