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I have experienced (and know many others who have experienced) this same frustration when job hunting. This was one of the top reasons why I decided to work from home. I realized in the amount of time I was spending applying online to jobs - without hearing anything back from an employer - that I could be doing paid online tasks instead. I started finding some little online gigs - fell in love with them - and became motivated to find more online work. Therefore, I don't miss dealing with rude employers.

Here is my two cents on job hunting. Yes, employers typically get way more applicants than they could ever hire. Yes, many of their applicants aren't qualified for the job they apply for. However, if someone spends the time and effort to complete an hour long online application, someone from the company should take the time to politely respond with an email. The HR department could even setup an automated email to let people know they have been declined for the job.
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