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Default Bowling, Food and Fun in MA!

Looking for bowling lovers in the Dedham, MA area for this weekend!
Bowling is a required activity for this shop. Visit each area in the order that makes most sense for you during your visit.All food MUST be consumed IN the location. No take-out orders.If you are assigned a Friday or Saturday shop, you MUST call ahead to make a Dine Then Bowl reservation, as wait times for lanes could be extensive on weekends. The Dine Then Bowl reservation program is intended to help guests avoid potentially long wait times for lanes by adding their information to the top of the list for the next available lane when entrees are ordered. Guests with a Dine Then Bowl reservation will check inwith the dining host/hostess. Upon being seated at your table, a card will be provided for your party to fill out with the names of those bowling,number of desired games to be played and shoe sizes for each bowler. This card will be collected by the server once entrees are ordered and will beprovided to the bowl desk. Once you are finished dining, everything should be prepped and ready for you to walk directly to your lane and startbowling.If you are assigned a Monday – Thursday shop, you are not required to make a reservation. Upon arrival, you should proceed to the bowling desk to inquire about the wait time for a lane and to put your name on the list for bowling. Then you should proceed to the dining portion of your shop while waiting for the lane. If there is no wait, you may do the shop in any order, but you must perform all required aspects of the shop during your visit.
This shop requires the shopper to be at least 21 years old, unless a different age requirement is indicated in the ‘Event Note.’You may bring up to 3 guests with you (4 people total). No more than 4 people total are permitted on this shop. Children are not allowed.*Pre Visit Call: You are required to call the location before your visit to observe the staff’s efficiency. Certain inquiries will identify you as a shopper, such as asking for directions or hours of operation, as these things can easily be found on their website. Therefore, when you make your call, you can ask if you can make a reservation (Dine Then Bowl reservation REQUIRED for Friday and Saturday events), if there are discounts or specials for combining dining and bowling, and ask how long you should expect to wait after your meal for a lane.
If you ARE ABLE to complete this shop -- or would just like more information -- you may click on the link below to view the shop instructions (Location Guidelines).
You may self-assign this shop by clicking on the 'Sign Me Up' button. If you are unable to self assign this shop for some reason, you may contact me for assistance.
Thank you for all your help!

Ilissa Nelsen, SchedulerA Closer Look http://www.a-closer-look.comemail: [email protected]cemail: 888-446-5665 x293Text: 860-506-5470
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