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Default Proceed With Caution

This is my first time posting on this forum, though I'm a loooong time lurker. I applied for this job on March 12th. I sent a cover letter, my resume, and link to my online portfolio. (I've been a freelance writer for nearly 15 years now.)

I received an email back two days later that said, "Hi, Can I send a test?" I said yes though didn't hear back from them until this morning. (Well over three weeks!)

This time I received this message: Here is a calendar as well as examples. Please do the June content and send the 1st post for review before working on the others.

Examples have been attached here for your review. The idea is to give people information and only mention the client at the end of the blogs

Please confirm.

How long will you take to deliver the 1st post?

No mention of pay--how, when, where--no mention of any type of contract, no introduction as to who they are, nada. I opened the files. Basically they would want me to write one blog post per week of about 250+ words. I saw on here that they're paying 2c a word. To me, that's not worth it for a potential $20 a month.

I'm declining this work but if you take it, proceed with caution. It just seems too unprofessional, the pay is VERY low, and I'd worry about getting paid at all. If anyone else has jumped into this, maybe you can share your experience with us.
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