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I am still there and have been moved up twice so far!
From sales to service and now I'm in premium.
The calls are not that bad at all.
I'm used to dealing with angry customers from past jobs and most that call in, even if they are upset, aren't hard to deal with.
The systems are a little glitchy so there is that to deal with. Freezing, error messages, and getting booted are frustrating but it's not all the time and they are switching over to a new and improved system soon.
Leadership is a little lacking. Either jaded from being there too long or green and clueless for the most part. I ended up with a awesome team lead so I was lucky in that respect.
Incentives are pretty awesome! If you get over the hotel sales you should have for the month you get $5 per hotels booked. They have CRAZY incentives for overtime right now and you earn back hours you may have missed by doing overtime.
Pay is bi-weekly. They do have insurance available. I have it and it's not bad. $110 every 2 weeks for just me for medical, dental, vision, and extra life insurance.
So far it's a good gig!
They are still hiring.

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